Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's almost over!!!

I finished up my last final today. It was a math one. I haven't got my grade for it back yet. I did get my grade for my nursing process class which is the basic backbone of the semester. I have an 87% for the class. I finished a class a while back with an 89% i think. So I'm looking like a straight B student and i don't even care. They told us going in to the nursing program that if you were use to being a straight A student that you might just have to lower your expectations and remember that C's are passing. However there c's don't start at 70 they start at 73 i think.. cause a B starts at 83-90 and a A is 91 or above.
Lilly was fine all day yesterday and then when i was getting ready to crawl in bed after cramming for my final she started whimpering. I went in there and picked her up and she threw up all over me and it stunk like no other in there too. The smell had more of a poop odor than vomit and i looked and sure enough she was full to the brim of diarrhea again.
Allan came home from work early yesterday and he went straight to bed after hitting the toilet about 15 times. he slept from 2pm tillright around 11pm today. He is at the doctor now. This has been a tough one on everyone here. Allan and lilly were the only ones vomiting but we have all had a touch of it. I feel good now so hopefully the rest are behind me in the line to recovery. lol. Its hard to celebrate being done with one long semester when everyone is sick.

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