Friday, December 12, 2008

well i feel better but lilly woke up vomiting. She threw up all over my bed then all over in the living room. Poor girl just doesn't feel well. She seems fine except tha she gets way clingy. Doesn't want to be put down at all and doesn't want anyone to take her but me. Allan's work is having a party tonight but it's debatable if we are going to go or not. I want to cause it's the first christmas party we will go to in the last few years. Plus it's at a pretty nice place here in town and i here they give out nice prizes or presents. Also me and allan could just down right use a night to ourselves. However, if lilly is still being sick i don't know if i could have a good time leaving her at home. She has only had some stuffy noses since she was born. She hasn't ever gotten sick yet. I just feel bad for her. I think it is wonderful that she made it till almost her first birthday without ever getting sick though. Wehn she was throwing up she kept trying to get away from it. Like if she could walk away she would quit. Poor thing. She seems pretty normal now. NOt cranky or anything .
Okay i am off to the pharmacy.

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Anonymous said...

How is Lilly doing? Poor thing, I hope she is feeling better!