Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today has been fun.. lol. I have been having pains in my side/stomach.. I'm wondering if it's my appendix really. It hurts. I had the first one driving home from liz and nolans house today. We went and wished maddie a happy b-day and talked about christmas plans. Anyway, Yes so i had the first one driving home and wondered if i would have to pull over it hurt so bad. I was doing 20 thru downtown and got to a stop light. Then it went away for a while. It's a kinda a dull throb until it all of a sudden just shoots pain. It's quite strange. Mom is home with me now and making lasagna instead of me cause i keep getting these pains. I've been stretching out on the couch and trying to keep lilly under control but we moved our tree out into the open and now she is all over it and the presents. She wants all the bows for herself. Funny little thing. She is pushing her walker around the house. She isn't sitting in it. She literally walks by pushing it around. I think she is just too old for it now but she likes it when she hasn't seen it for a while.
We mailed all our presents out and boy... shipping is just crazy these days. It cost me 80 something dollars to ship everything.
I hope you all like what i sent. I also sent out the cards with our newest pictures in them. We took thme while emma was here so look for those.
I gotta get back to the couch. I'll write again soon..

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Jennifer said...

Hope you are feeling better! I can't wait to see the pictures of Lilly and Emma :)