Tuesday, April 17, 2012

my back yard

ok the first one is of mom and lilly sleeping on the couch. I thought it was cute so i snapped a quick photo. this 4 year old sure loves her grandmother
new iceplant hoping it will spread and be a nice ground cover right there.
one of my hibiscus and a star jasmine
new lillys starting to bloom and lilly's little rose plant she got a month ago. still alive.. lol.
and my handsome husband bought me this hanging basket for my birthday. it's a gorgeous color!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm still alive i swear!

WEll allan headed back out to work for the month.When he gets home we will be having a c section if it all goes as planned. Lilly went and had her 4 year old check up. Poor girl got 4 shots and a finger poke. She has been freaking out about the bandaids now for 3 days. She doesn't want anyone to touch them. Last night i had to hold her down and take them off and she freaked out like i might be trying to kill her. I felt so bad but she was just so worried about the bandaids for days now . I know the shots aren't hurting her anymore its just left over drama from the bandaids so now they are gone. lol.. The look she gave me was horrible though and she screamed and cried and kicked like i seriously was not her friend or mom at all.
I'm headed to the doctor myself for an ultrasound. I'll try to write more soon.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

vegas/ hoover dam

The view from the top. We drove over the bridge in the background. We had no idea while driving that we were that far up. It's a modern marvel for sure.
We saw a little lizard or two scurrying around the rocks.
okay take note of my stomach while looking forward.. i'm 33 weeks pregnant here.
the kids on one of the rides in the adventure dome. We stayed at circus circus so it has an indor roller coaster park. They had a blast.
although lilly didn't want to cooperate with pictures because she was concerned about the bracelet we had just put on her arm. She ended up crying about it it wasn't tight she is just a picky funny little thing. Then she got use to it and didn't want us to cut it off. She wore it for like 3 days. lol.
okay here is my belly from the side. This is why i think the baby is gonna come early. Maybe not but it just doesn't feel like there is any room left for this little gal in there.

ridesthey had a bunch of circus and arcade games at the hotel too. It was fun. We went and watched carrot top one night and he was actually pretty funny. Good times.
WE took two babysitters so that we could go out at night. Everyone had fun. This was on a 4d movie ride for spongebob and then dora. It was very fun. Easter pics to follow soon.