Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a transition.

I left the Ob rotation and moved onto my next spot this week. SURGICAL!!!! ahh.. yes i'm now officially on the surgical floor and it is so different. I was often bored and looking for things to watch or do or be a part of on my OB/peds rotation but now i'm busy! I removed a drain today. I empty them often enough but i had never gotten to remove one. That was neat i just tugged it right on out of this girls side. I also ahve been getting to do alot more stuff by myself with this instructor. She will watch us once or quiz us on how to do something then let us be as long as we have a clue and confidence doing it. So it has been way nicer not having someone hoover over me. She is very anal about knowing everything and she is quick to let you know if you aren't up to where she thinks you should be so i'm taking everything with a grain of salt. :-) I don't personally love her teaching style ( more quick to cut down than offer encouragment) but i think that i will learn alot more on her rotation so i'm trying to be grateful for the experiences she is giving me. I took my third outta 5 tests this semester on tuesday. We still haven't foudn out our scores. We should know by friday. I'm also going in to get my blood pressure checked tomorrow. A while back a doctor had put me on a very low dose of hydrochlorathiazide. Well to say the list i have not been a very cooperative patient. So i'm going to go in find out what this new doctor thinks and then try to be better at taking medicine if i need to be. I never had high blood pressure before so i keep leaning towards it being the stress of nursing school but no matter what it is i gotta get it under control so off i go to the doctor tomorrow.
Allan is still out of town with work. HE is getting all the out of town calls and i think he is tired of it but i'm just thankful he has a good job in these tough times so i'm trying to be thankful for that instead of grumpy that my husband is always gone and i'm doing homework and watching lilly at the same time.. :-(
Lilly is saying more and more everyday. She use to only say no but this week she has started to say yes. Not nearly as much as "no" but still i'll take an occasional "yes" when i can get it. lol She has been loving to play "kitchen" she takes a pot and a spoon and stirs then she will add in something from a pitcher and stir some more. I just looked down and she was under my chair .. apparently she got buddahs dog food and put it in the pitcher top and was feeding him little bits at a time. She loves being mommy right now. She also carries emma's big huge doll that grandma sandy made her. She drags it around from room to room and trys to feed it stuff too.. lol so i find it in odd places too. here are some pictures.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

study study study all day long..

Well this weekend has been short. I studied with the girls on friday. Allan got called out yesterday right after we got to muffy's for a party and poker. So we had to leave so i came home and hung out with meghann watching creepy movies cause it's halloween time.. why not?? HAHA. So allan got back home really late last night and this morning we got up went to johnny j's for breakfast. YUMMY! love their 3.99 breakfast special. Then we came home and did mre laundry and fixed some things around here. Allan headed to the gym and I called meghann to come back and study. We studied for about an hour or 2 and called it quits. Watched our chargers kick kansas butt!! woohoo. We are now just hanging out watching tv. Lilly is taking a nap so it's a nice relaxing snow day. Yep we have snow again! yuck!! Tuesday i have another big test. It's over cardiovascular problems like heart attacks, heart blocks, heart defects, etc.. intense. I so don't wanna work with hearts when i become a nurse. Anyway hope everyone is having a very nice weekend. We are it just seemed to go by way to fast.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

weekend review

Well lilly and i packed up and headed to wheatland to visit sandy and wade. WE had a wonderful time and allan met us down there on saturday. We ended up staying another night. Lilly got a present from grammy. It was the funniest little duck. It has a bottle and when you feed it it moves and quacks and acts like it is drinking. Lilly has a fascinaction with ducks right now so it made her quite the happy grandchild. She played and played with that duck and I had to get it out of the toy box where i had hid it yesterday cause i got tired of it's quacking. lol. (sorry sandy) So she is back playing with her ducks this morning. here are some pictures.

Last night we watched the charger game. Lilly and I because allan was out of town again. What a bummer is all i can say. I really wanted the chargers to hand the broncos their first loss. Oh well. Today Lilly is going to hang out with her grandma lala while i go study. WE have our big math test tomorrow morning at 7 so i gota go get some math stuck in my head! Then afer i study I'm going to go watch liz's kido's cause liz has to go have some procedures done today. Keep her in your prayers. Having anything done is never really fun. Off to go get dressed!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lilly has a new sleeping arrangment.. lol

So she was sleeping in there pretty good.. last night she ended up back in our bed but her eyes have been crusted close because of her cold so it's kinda scary when she is running around in the middle of the night not being able to open her little eyes. She comes in our room yelling "stuck, stuck". However, we ended up putting a railing thing up on emma's twin bed cause lilly loved to crawl up in there. She still wakes up in the middle of the night but she likes to go back to sleep in there so that is a step in the right direction.. i don't know what we are going to do when emma gets here though. To be so little they both are bed hogs. Tehy both move all over the place and you end up with a foot in your face. I'm thinking they may sleep together though. WE will see. Emma always wants buddah to sleep with her but she may get lilly instead. HAHA.

lilly goes for a snow ride.. she just loved the sled!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Its a winter wonderland out there..

It says that we are suppose to get between 2-5 inches of snow. Now I have no idea about measuring snow cause i always think we have more or less than what we have but i think we are leaning more towards 4 or 5 inches.. just my guess. Everything is covered out there and the streets are getting there too. Lilly and I went out this morning to get some groceries and go pay my tuition at school. There wasn't anything on the roads then. WE had fun shopping at walmart. She was actually pretty good. I think cause i gave her a little snack to eat and she was hungry. Yes i bribe her to behave in the store. lol..
I found fun barretts for halloween, and i got her a pumpkin to put her candy in, and a little pumpkin flashlight cause she likes to make buddah chase the light all over the house. Then we got the rest of our groceries and stocked up on some more socks cause lilly didn't have too many her size. She wore her winter boots out and she has just been amazed with the snow all day. Everytime i open a door or window to peek out there she squeals and comes running over to look too. I guess she doesn't really remember the snow from last year. Why do i even say last year.. it only quite snowing a couple months ago. lol.
Tonight Liz is going to watch Lilly for us so allan and I can go try a new spot.( thank you liz) It seems that everyone has been to this place but us. It's called "vintage". I hear they have really fun drinks like cheesecake something with gram cracker around the edge of the cup.. i don't know but we are going to go see what the fuss is about. lol It's our late anniversary date.
Other than that there isn't much going on. I think allan got his christmas vacation approved. I think he is taking the 20th thru the 28th off... I better check and make for sure that is what he told me. It was late last night and i could have dreamed it. ( dont laugh.. i was so tired) I wish lilly didn't have such a cough. She is finally not having a runny nose for once but she does have a cough.. This congestion just needs to go somewhere. If she felt better i'd go pull her on her baby sled. At this rate that might be what we have to do for halloween lol.. pull all the kids on sleds. That's different but could be fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

today has wiped me out.. lol

Well allan went into work for about an hour or two this morning. Then came home to get some things done around the house. He was so tired her crawled back into bed for an hour. Lilly and I cleaned up a little and got out the humidifier and put that together. We also put a rail on emma's twin bed cause lilly likes to try to sleep there and she falls out. When allan got up her ran over to liz and nolans to help them with some fireplaces they bought. I guess it ended up being a bigger task than expected because the things were enourmous. Like 400 lbs allan thought anyway. So after allan got home we were out in the yard putting all the stuff up in the shed getting ready for winter because ... yes... we are expecting some more snow .. already! do you hear my words dripping with enthusiasim? lol.. Yeah i'm not excited about that at all. i guess better to drink hot chocolate in..
So after that we headed to menards after taking some measurments and ended up at homedepot cause they were way cheaper. We bought a door for the laundry room down stairs. It was 65 bucks at menards and the same door was 44 at home depot. So allan is putting in doors and lights down stairs. It's looking more like a room all the time. We didn't do any of the painting that we were suppose to do. Oh well.. eventually and i don't think there is much more to do. Just the corners. So once all that is done we are gonna start looking at carpet for down there again. ;-) i'm excited. I really want to get that room done so i can have a good study area before we have to take all our finals. That is around the begining of December. So we need to get a move on it!Lilly just got out of the bathtub so we are gonna cuddle up and watch some tv cause i'm exhuasted

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shopping and more shopping..

WE went out with my friend christine and her 3 boys yesterday. We played at the park. Crossroad park, it is so fun! I love that they have a little kid area with little kid stuff. So we left there and headed to once upon a child and found lilly a costume for halloween. She is going to be a cat. It's kind of a funny litle cat dress.. but we got blck tights for under it and a new tail cause the tail was somewhat lacking. So hopefully she will let me paint her face. I'm not holding my breath that she will wear the ears that come with it. She is just too independent for her own good. She hates all hats for more than 5 minutes, necklaces get pulled off too. WE had fun with christine though we went to party america and got a few decorations for around here. Then we had mcdonalds for the kido's here at our house. They stayed till about 9pm. Before we hung out with christine we went over to Aunt liz's house and hung out with the cousins. Lilly always has fun. She blew them lots of kisses and said bye about a zillion times. Lilly also went to the bathroom again in her potty but it was like a teaspoon of peepee. So she went out to the living room and pee'd the rest before i realized what she was doing or had time to get a diaper on her. Little stinker. lol.. So it's a slow progress. We aren't really trying hard to get her potty trained but slowly we will get there. We didn't get to see grandma sandy or papa wade like we had planned. Everyone is getting sick. It must just be that time of year. Lilly has a deep cough and a runny nose. No fever just cough and nose. Yucky and hard to get rid of. We went to target today to look at their jackets. Lilly needed a coat for winter and seeing as which it has already snowed and looks like more snow today i thought we better get a move on the coat business. So we went to target and i tried to get her to try on hats or coats. SHe had a complete melt down. I hate wearing coats and apparently lilly is following my footsteps. She just lost her little mind when i tried to get her arms in this coat. So we ended up leaving target and i had to go by walmart. She gets a walmart coat. nothing is wrong with the coats there but since i can't size her and she hates them apparently i'm not going to waste money on a nice one that she won't wear and hates. little jerk!! lol. I found the black tights to go under her dress there and picked up a nice pair of pick stockings to go under a dress that grammy sandy bought her earlier. She is just a growing weed. I think she is getting taller. Liz gave us some jaeans from maddie and they were all abuot 2t's i didn't think she would be able to wear them for a while but i have put a few different pairs on her and they aren't too long on her. Mostly the waste's have to be cinched up cause they are loose but they only have a little bit maybe an inch on the height so she has been wearing them. She isn't even two yet. I think i have a tall one on my hands. So i have been thinking babies again.. is that scary or is it time... let me know what you think.??? lol I have to get closer to finishing school but should i have it when i'm done all together should i wait till after i find a job? i don't want a huge gap in age with lilly and her sibling.. emma is already what a good 4 years older than her so i would like to keep the next one closer than that.. but how close?? lol Lilly isn't a baby anymore. She is but she is growing up everyday and i need a snuggler. lol.. not that i love love babies but i think a second one would be a different experience than the first one. A second chance to not let a kid get in my bed.. HAHA i'm kidding. Anyway we will just have to wait and see what the lord has planned i guess.
School is going well enough. I'm making a B in my nursing class. But i'm okay with that. I made a 89 on my second test. So that's 2 89's i'm close to an A but our next test is over cardiovascular so that might lower me.. or raise me who knows. i like the testing method of my instructor. The exams are very cut and dry. I watched 3 surgeries the other day. a gallbladder removal, a sentinal node removal, and a hernia repair. I also watched a TEE. That was neat. The nurse was administering the sedation medications. I thought you had to be a doctor or a specialized nurse to do anything like that but i guess because it's concious sedation you don't. So i learn something new everyday.
Anyway allan is headed home against the snow so we are going watch some charger football tonight!! go Chargers!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

SHE did It!

Lilly pee pee'd in the potty today. She has only played in it. Today i took her diaper off and we went in there just on the off chance that she might try it. Well... she sat there and so i gave her some motivation and let her watch me pee. It may be weird but how else is she gonna figure it out. So i said yeah mama about a dozen times giving myself high fives for peeing. lol. I finally gave up after she decided just to stand up and sit down on it a dozen times. i went to get her a diaper and when i came back.... there was pee in her little pot! lol. So we did a little dance and cheered her on and gave her big hugs and kisses! I have no idea when she might ever decide to pee in there again but i was so excited that she at least did it this once!