Tuesday, October 20, 2009

weekend review

Well lilly and i packed up and headed to wheatland to visit sandy and wade. WE had a wonderful time and allan met us down there on saturday. We ended up staying another night. Lilly got a present from grammy. It was the funniest little duck. It has a bottle and when you feed it it moves and quacks and acts like it is drinking. Lilly has a fascinaction with ducks right now so it made her quite the happy grandchild. She played and played with that duck and I had to get it out of the toy box where i had hid it yesterday cause i got tired of it's quacking. lol. (sorry sandy) So she is back playing with her ducks this morning. here are some pictures.

Last night we watched the charger game. Lilly and I because allan was out of town again. What a bummer is all i can say. I really wanted the chargers to hand the broncos their first loss. Oh well. Today Lilly is going to hang out with her grandma lala while i go study. WE have our big math test tomorrow morning at 7 so i gota go get some math stuck in my head! Then afer i study I'm going to go watch liz's kido's cause liz has to go have some procedures done today. Keep her in your prayers. Having anything done is never really fun. Off to go get dressed!


Anonymous said...

Lilly has Ems wild hair LOL

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed watching Lilly play with her Duck! Thanks for coming for the weekend. It was fun. Kiss Lilly for us. Love, Grammy & Papa