Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shopping and more shopping..

WE went out with my friend christine and her 3 boys yesterday. We played at the park. Crossroad park, it is so fun! I love that they have a little kid area with little kid stuff. So we left there and headed to once upon a child and found lilly a costume for halloween. She is going to be a cat. It's kind of a funny litle cat dress.. but we got blck tights for under it and a new tail cause the tail was somewhat lacking. So hopefully she will let me paint her face. I'm not holding my breath that she will wear the ears that come with it. She is just too independent for her own good. She hates all hats for more than 5 minutes, necklaces get pulled off too. WE had fun with christine though we went to party america and got a few decorations for around here. Then we had mcdonalds for the kido's here at our house. They stayed till about 9pm. Before we hung out with christine we went over to Aunt liz's house and hung out with the cousins. Lilly always has fun. She blew them lots of kisses and said bye about a zillion times. Lilly also went to the bathroom again in her potty but it was like a teaspoon of peepee. So she went out to the living room and pee'd the rest before i realized what she was doing or had time to get a diaper on her. Little stinker. lol.. So it's a slow progress. We aren't really trying hard to get her potty trained but slowly we will get there. We didn't get to see grandma sandy or papa wade like we had planned. Everyone is getting sick. It must just be that time of year. Lilly has a deep cough and a runny nose. No fever just cough and nose. Yucky and hard to get rid of. We went to target today to look at their jackets. Lilly needed a coat for winter and seeing as which it has already snowed and looks like more snow today i thought we better get a move on the coat business. So we went to target and i tried to get her to try on hats or coats. SHe had a complete melt down. I hate wearing coats and apparently lilly is following my footsteps. She just lost her little mind when i tried to get her arms in this coat. So we ended up leaving target and i had to go by walmart. She gets a walmart coat. nothing is wrong with the coats there but since i can't size her and she hates them apparently i'm not going to waste money on a nice one that she won't wear and hates. little jerk!! lol. I found the black tights to go under her dress there and picked up a nice pair of pick stockings to go under a dress that grammy sandy bought her earlier. She is just a growing weed. I think she is getting taller. Liz gave us some jaeans from maddie and they were all abuot 2t's i didn't think she would be able to wear them for a while but i have put a few different pairs on her and they aren't too long on her. Mostly the waste's have to be cinched up cause they are loose but they only have a little bit maybe an inch on the height so she has been wearing them. She isn't even two yet. I think i have a tall one on my hands. So i have been thinking babies again.. is that scary or is it time... let me know what you think.??? lol I have to get closer to finishing school but should i have it when i'm done all together should i wait till after i find a job? i don't want a huge gap in age with lilly and her sibling.. emma is already what a good 4 years older than her so i would like to keep the next one closer than that.. but how close?? lol Lilly isn't a baby anymore. She is but she is growing up everyday and i need a snuggler. lol.. not that i love love babies but i think a second one would be a different experience than the first one. A second chance to not let a kid get in my bed.. HAHA i'm kidding. Anyway we will just have to wait and see what the lord has planned i guess.
School is going well enough. I'm making a B in my nursing class. But i'm okay with that. I made a 89 on my second test. So that's 2 89's i'm close to an A but our next test is over cardiovascular so that might lower me.. or raise me who knows. i like the testing method of my instructor. The exams are very cut and dry. I watched 3 surgeries the other day. a gallbladder removal, a sentinal node removal, and a hernia repair. I also watched a TEE. That was neat. The nurse was administering the sedation medications. I thought you had to be a doctor or a specialized nurse to do anything like that but i guess because it's concious sedation you don't. So i learn something new everyday.
Anyway allan is headed home against the snow so we are going watch some charger football tonight!! go Chargers!


The Mason Bunch said...

Don't get frustrated with potty training. It took us 2 years before Katie finally got it. I started her at 18 mos. & she finally got it at 3 years.

Having a 2nd child really changes everything. It requires a lot more of your time. I'm not saying this to discourage you, in fact I would love to see y'all have another cutie, I just wanted to warn you. Be prepared for the shock. I wasn't prepared & I'm still adjusting. This is a decision between you, Allen & God.

Katie always hated the sleeves in a coat/jacket & pants legs. She still to this day, pushes them back or up.

Y'all stay warm!

Jennifer said...

I get baby fever every now and then. I personally don't want another baby. I am good with just one :) Sometimes I think about it but then I decided against it. Who knows, maybe someday I might. A few friends of mine have young ones right now and I get my baby fix from them LOL
If you guys for sure want another one I think it is a good time as far as age difference. There will be almost a 3 year difference between Lilly and a baby if you were to get prego now...even longer depending on when you start trying. Either way...whats meant to be will be :)
On the potty training thing...My lovely Emma was not fully trained until she was almost 3. She was dry through the night early on but during the day was when it was tough. I really don't think there is a set way to potty train. LOL Good Luck!