Thursday, October 1, 2009

SHE did It!

Lilly pee pee'd in the potty today. She has only played in it. Today i took her diaper off and we went in there just on the off chance that she might try it. Well... she sat there and so i gave her some motivation and let her watch me pee. It may be weird but how else is she gonna figure it out. So i said yeah mama about a dozen times giving myself high fives for peeing. lol. I finally gave up after she decided just to stand up and sit down on it a dozen times. i went to get her a diaper and when i came back.... there was pee in her little pot! lol. So we did a little dance and cheered her on and gave her big hugs and kisses! I have no idea when she might ever decide to pee in there again but i was so excited that she at least did it this once!

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