Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a transition.

I left the Ob rotation and moved onto my next spot this week. SURGICAL!!!! ahh.. yes i'm now officially on the surgical floor and it is so different. I was often bored and looking for things to watch or do or be a part of on my OB/peds rotation but now i'm busy! I removed a drain today. I empty them often enough but i had never gotten to remove one. That was neat i just tugged it right on out of this girls side. I also ahve been getting to do alot more stuff by myself with this instructor. She will watch us once or quiz us on how to do something then let us be as long as we have a clue and confidence doing it. So it has been way nicer not having someone hoover over me. She is very anal about knowing everything and she is quick to let you know if you aren't up to where she thinks you should be so i'm taking everything with a grain of salt. :-) I don't personally love her teaching style ( more quick to cut down than offer encouragment) but i think that i will learn alot more on her rotation so i'm trying to be grateful for the experiences she is giving me. I took my third outta 5 tests this semester on tuesday. We still haven't foudn out our scores. We should know by friday. I'm also going in to get my blood pressure checked tomorrow. A while back a doctor had put me on a very low dose of hydrochlorathiazide. Well to say the list i have not been a very cooperative patient. So i'm going to go in find out what this new doctor thinks and then try to be better at taking medicine if i need to be. I never had high blood pressure before so i keep leaning towards it being the stress of nursing school but no matter what it is i gotta get it under control so off i go to the doctor tomorrow.
Allan is still out of town with work. HE is getting all the out of town calls and i think he is tired of it but i'm just thankful he has a good job in these tough times so i'm trying to be thankful for that instead of grumpy that my husband is always gone and i'm doing homework and watching lilly at the same time.. :-(
Lilly is saying more and more everyday. She use to only say no but this week she has started to say yes. Not nearly as much as "no" but still i'll take an occasional "yes" when i can get it. lol She has been loving to play "kitchen" she takes a pot and a spoon and stirs then she will add in something from a pitcher and stir some more. I just looked down and she was under my chair .. apparently she got buddahs dog food and put it in the pitcher top and was feeding him little bits at a time. She loves being mommy right now. She also carries emma's big huge doll that grandma sandy made her. She drags it around from room to room and trys to feed it stuff too.. lol so i find it in odd places too. here are some pictures.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

Now that Lilly is getting bigger I see both you and Allan in her. She's getting too big, too fast!