Sunday, November 1, 2009

our halloween in a nut shell.

We started by going over to liz and nolan's and we went with all the cousins to the indoor shopping center to tirck or treat.This was about at 3 o'clock. There are pictures of jake and maddie and carson on my face book if you want to see more. I'm sure liz will post them too so i'm not going to post many here. WE had lots of fun there. I wasn't quite sure what lilly would do with her bucket. She never said trick or treat but she did get the hang of putting her bucket out and letting them put candy in it. Well one lady was stuffing a paper in with her candy donations. it was something about saving 5th grade bands. Anyway lilly saw her put paper in picked up the paper and tossed it on the floor. I was laughing so hard. She knew what the good stuff was and didn't want any of the advertising crap. HAHA! Anyway after that we went and drove to all of our freinds houses. it was so cold we didn't want to go to the downtown area and walk around so we just drove all over town to friends places. That took a while.. WE ended up eating dinner over at my mom's.She made a big pot of chili so we dug in and it felt good to warm up. Then off to more houses. Lilly was going to be a cat so i took pictures of that but she hated the ears hated the tail and would not let me draw whiskers on her for a million dollars. So we switched las tminute and she was an angel. :-) thank youbig lots for having 50% off. Allan dressed up too. I'm going to post a picture of him too. He dressed up as a mormon. They are always riding their bikes together with their bike helmets and ties on with back packs. Anyway you should of seen all the looks and laughs he got while we were out. It was quite funny as long as we didn't run into any mormons. I think we were safe last night. Anyway i'm going to post pictures now. enjoy!!

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Sandy said...

Cute pictures! Glad you guys had a good time! Love, Grammy