Thursday, November 26, 2009

OKAY.. seriously..

I first want to say happy thanksgiving to everyone. I'm about to turn on the parade and start peeling potatoes for some crockpot potatoes. We are headed to mom's in a little while. you would think we are cooking for an army but I don't think there will be more than 8 of us at the most. I'd be suprised. lol
So okay seriously I think i just became the newest obsessed girl with twilight. I read the fisrt book and it's awesome. I read it in about 3 or 4 days. I stayed up reading last night till like 1 am. So yes i think i have a problem. lol. I haven't read a book though in probably over a year and a half or more. I mean a book that i wanted to read. I've had to read so many things for school that reading wasn't something i wanted to do in my free time. So anyway i'm back in books again.
Last night lilly and i went with friends to the local park by the hospital. I had never been before but they light up all the trees in the park and santa comes to visit with the kids and they serve hot chocolate and cookies. It was fun. lilly was adorable in her jacket runnin around the park looking at lights.
Anyway I hope everyone has a really wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to go for a little walk after you eat. Too many heart attacks happen cause people over indulge and then sit down or go lay down for a nap... !! lol.. happy thanksgiving!

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