Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the mend.

Thank you to all the people that knew lilly wasn't feeling well and checked up on her. Yesterday she ran a temp of 103 all day pretty much and that was with medicine. I think that it was just a passing virus but thoughts of swine flu and strep throat did creep into my mind. She sat in a recliner till almost noon yesterday before she ever got down to play or do anything. she perked up for a bit and then wasn't feeling good again at bedtime. Today she is like a whole new girl. Nothing but happy and bright. She is sitting in her daddy's lap right now reading a book. ( the book of course has ducks in it.. her favorite)

I'm playing hookey for the first time tomorrow. I'm not going to clinicals. I'm just not feeling like going. I think i have the end of the semester blues.. lol. I just don't want to study or go to school at all. I know it's just cause i feel the end of the semester drawing near. So yes tomorrow i'm not going so that i can catch up on all of my stuff. We are allowed to miss 10 hours of clinicals so i'm missing 6. I'll be fine. ;-)

I"m going to go pay my tuition that i keep forgetting to pay and i'm going to go buy a bunch of crab legs cause my brother aaron's birthday is thrusday. He is truning 20.I always let the boys around here pick what they want for their birthday dinner. They always pick crablegs. I always pick to go out to eat.. lol. I also have a follow up doctor apt tomorrow at 2. Fun day of hookey huh? filled with chores. I also have to call home depot because we started the process of getting our carpet for downstairs but they haven't called to schedule their measurement. So i have to go ring some bells.. yeah. I'm plum exhausted tonight. Allan is to so we are going to get lilly down and hit the hay! Hope everyone has a good hump day tomorrow!


The Thorsrud Family said...

SO GLAD LILLY IS BETTER! None of us ever did get sick (knock on wood). Allan said you ordered carpet. That's exciting! We are going to have a house/basement warming party when its all done! That sounds like a good reason for a party!

Anonymous said...

Glad Lilly is feeling better! Playing Hooky huh? Sarah, when you play hooky, you go have FUN, not do chores and errands! Kiss Lilly for us, see you guys this weekend! Love, Grammy & Papa