Wednesday, November 4, 2009

one more week down

Yes i'm oficially counting down the weeks till the end of this clinical and the end of the semester in general.. I have 3 more weeks at this clinical and 5 more weeks of school. We get one week off for thanksgiving. well most of that week anyway so i'm not counting it. I don't care that much for the surgical floor. It doesn't seem bad and i do feel like i'm learning alot but at the same time there are alot of paitents and the nurses are very busy up there. I'm thinking it might not be the best place when i graduate. lol.. (crossing my fingers still) I turned in my one big assignment to my instructor this week. a pair of us go every week and so i just wen tahead and got it over with in the first pair. I fully expected the worst but it ended up being fine. She didn't make me redo my work and she didn't chew me out. She said it looked good and added a couple of tips but nothing i couldn't handle. In fact i was suprised by her niceness today. maybe i should just expect the worst out of people more often ... haha!
So lilly's hair looked like it had been snipped the other day.. it's a mystery she has always had this really long piece that hung in her face and it was just gone. I'm not sure what happened. I asked everyone that watched her and everyone says no ofcourse they wouldn't and well it didn't look like another kid had really done it cause it wasn't like a chop. so anyway it prompted me to finally trim her hair. yes i did it myself. she doesn't have enough hair to cut or pay to get cut plus she is two and has a mullet anyway. lol. i figure how could i possibly make it any worse.. right? so i barely trimmed any but i put her little hairs in her baby book finally. almost two before she ever got a hair cut.


Jennifer said...

Emma's hair was the exact same way!! She was almost 2 before she got her first 'cut' and she also had a natural mullet LOL

The Thorsrud Family said...

oh hey, I thought of something else that could have happened. Those no snag hair bands can pull the hair, and with her baby fine hair, it could definitely break. Then thinking back, I used the scissors that day, not them. So, no idea, but that is another idea for ya!

See you Friday! Tell everyone hi from Essex Ave!