Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where does it all go??

I am just wondering where all the money goes.. lol. I'm teasing really but it sure seems to just fly out of my fingers lately. I haven't been able to save any money from school. I get paid to go and then poof it's gone. lol I'm actually fine with it i guess. This month i knew what i was going to do with it. I was going to pay stuff off. All the weird little bills were going to get paid so that's where it went. WE paid our house taxes, the daycare,liz, and mom for watching lilly, we paid the rest of emma and allan's hospital bills, my school tuition, and bought emma's plane ticket here. So somehow all that added up to around 2K. ouch!!! the only thing that was exciting on the list was i bought emma's plane ticket.
Emma will be here from the 20th of dec till the 28th of dec. Not a very long trip but it will still be way fun to see her if the weather holds out. Please pray we have a nice spring like week towards the end of dec please. HAHA.
WE have busy plans this weekend. I"m about to haul my behind to the gym in a few minutes with my friend meghann. We have been trying to go at least 3 times a week so today will make our third day. Then allan is going to go help a guy with some electrical stuff. Tonight we are going to muffy and jason's to have some dinner. They are making steaks and potatoes and veggies. We just have to bring desert. I can do that. I think i'm going to make another one of my double layer pumpkin pies. It's so yummy!! Tomorrow we are going to go help liz and nolan. They have recieved some good news and so we are going to go help them get ready for that. I don't want to say too much cause i don't know who they have told and when they want to share. So just keep the thorsruds in your prayers because they have alot to work thru in the next few months. WE are exctied for them and sad for us!!
I don't beleive we have too much other than that planned. I have a busy next week. Lots of studying for my 4th test. it is on the 19th. I'm a little nervous about this one for some reason. I think because i don't feel the urge to study anymore. I feel like i have to really kick myself. I think cause the semester is almost done. I can feel the end is near so i just want it to be over with. I have 3 more weeks of clinicals. that's it!! can you believe it? My instructor was way better last week. I didn't know if i had wrote about that or not but she was tons better. I had a fiesty little lady who ended up telling my instructor that she was bossy! It was hilarious! Anyway, I'm going to go get ready for the gym! see ya later!!

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Anonymous said...

I need to get my butt into the gym. We go for walks in the evening now that is cooler, but I need to do a little more.