Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We had a wonderful, sick time..

This weekend we went down to allan's mom and dads house for an early thanksgiving. I plan on putting up some photo's but i haven't downloaded them yet. WE got there friday night and allan met us down there. The thorsruds showed up too. Everything was good until sat night. Lilly got so sick. She just randomly started throwing up. I think she puked a total of 12 times that night. The next day she was fine. Monday she wa fine but allan got a small dose of it and was vomiting and pooping. Monday night lilly got sick again. WEird huh? Tuesday and today everyone has been fine so i'm breathing alittle easier. I guess liz's family got hit with a different bug. They seemed to have sore throats and headaches i think. I heard from sandy and she wasn't feeling well yesterday. She said her belly and throat were hurting so hopefully she didn't get both families bugs.. I've remained untouched by all the bugs. THank goodness. It's all fine till mom gets sick you know, then everyone is out of luck cause there isn't anyone to take care of you. My last week on the surgical floor went very smoothly i think. I have thanksgiving break next week and then the following week i go by myself to a surgical center to work for a day. That should be fun. NO instructor!! yeah! I have a really big test this week. Actually tomorrow so we are having a late study group tonight. I think around 430 -830ish. one last cram session. Anyway that is my update for today. I'll try to post more when i get some free time.


The Thorsrud Family said...

Well I am really glad you didnt get sick, since you have such a busy week! WHEWEY! I am feeling fine now, but the kids seemed to get worse? So, I have been making them lay down all day, drink juice, vicks, cold and caugh meds, humidifier....So I am PRAYING they are better! Jake is the latest thats sick now. Maddie and Carson are the same, just not getting better. We have to leave Friday! OH NO!

The Mason Bunch said...

I'm sorry to hear everyone was sick this weekend. Hope their feeling better today.

Jennifer said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!