Wednesday, September 30, 2009

is this really the last day of September?

Okay so here are some funny photos of lilly. She liked the big tub i brought home. We have been cleaning and organizing the basement and garage and needed another tub. So lilly found the new tub and decided it was her bed or something. She put in her pillow and a blanket so i thought why not and handed her the night time bottle. lol. She had so much fun in there. Of course she did not go to bed she learned how to jump and that is all she has been doing lately. She is a funny little thing but she keeps me laughing.

So this brings me to the topic of my post.. look what i saw out my front door tonight.....

Yep it's snow!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I"m so tired today..

I have no idea why. I got fairly decent sleep last night. I had an exam this moring that i think i either got a high B or low A on. I'm pretty sure i did fine on it. Then i went to the hospital for the rest of the day. I got to follow a surgeon around. He was very nice and showed me lots of stuff. i watched a breast cancer patient have some nodes removed and i watched the end of a gallbladder removal, and then the one that took hours was a hernia repair. I can officially say i know what intestines look like now. WOW.. lol. Allan is about to come home and we are going to do our tuesday night routine. We always order outback on tuesday nights because i get out so late and i have to go in so early that cooking is hard. So we make it a fun reward. I always get the same thing.. soup and salad but i love their potato soup and salad with honey mustard dressing.. yummy. I'm getting hungry thinking about it can you tell? lol. Lilly is doing good. She is really congested so she ahsn't been eating too much and doesn't sleep great because she isn't breathing well but she is happy all day and really playful right now. I love having happy kidos around ;-) anyway i'm changing inot my pajammies and calling it a night! have a good week.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I saw a post today that i liked..

it went like this.. The road to success is not straight. There is a curb called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. Your will have flats called jobs, but if you have a spare called Determination,an engine called Perseverance, and insurance called Faith, you will make it to a place called Success!!
We have had a very nice weekend. However with school and everything else going on i get a little lost at times. I want to be there to help people when they need it but i feel so overwhelmed in my own life at times that it is hard. So i really liked that post today. I think my friend that posted it must feel the same things that i've been feeling. lol.
We have lots of family stuff going on right now. I'm not going to go into big details on here. Just keep all of us in your prayers when you can. :-)
I'm headed out to bingo to get my alone fun time in for the weekend. Tomorrow i have another study group for our upcoming renal test. We only have 5 test and 1 final exam in this class. It seems like it is flying. I can't keep up but i'm doing fine. I made an 89 on the first test and about 80% failed it with less than a 75%, so i have to keep in mind that even though it feels crazy and like i don't know anything apparently it is in there somewhere. lol. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Auntie leslie..

YOu left us a comment! WE miss you super bunches too!! Yes we had flowers there isn't much left now. Between lilly and our first frost it pretty much took care of all the flowers around here. HAha. Anyway we just wanted to give you a shout out for taking some intiative in staying in contact and letting us know you read our blog! We love staying in touch with poeple real family and fake aunts.. lol. YOu will always be our auntie leslie!! love you girl!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Please disregard that i had my goggles on my head and not on my eyes.. i was nervous. lol

Today we all had to practice putting in IV's on each other and drawing blood from each other. I only got poked twice both for blood. One girl got in and one girl didn't. I poked for blood and got it first try. I also got my IV first try but it wasn't very pleasant for my girl. Sorry holly. It did go in though.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's been a long day!

But the stress is over for today! i passed my checkout thank you jesus! I did fine but we had 2 out of 8 that didn't pass and so did the group ahead of us. They get a second chance so that is good. i'm sure they will be fine the next time. You just get stressed and make stupid mistakes that you don't usually make. I did too but my errors weren't critical ones so i passed just fine. thank you for anyone that said a prayer for me!! :_) so me and lilly are home alone again and we are going to celebrate while watching hereos tonight. lol

Wish me luck.. here i go.

nurse Pictures, Images and PhotosI'm going to the school today to check out on Iv's. There is so much to check out on. I'm up for some reason at 4 am and i can't go back to sleep.. is it nerves? i don't feel really nervous but i didn't sleep well. who knows. I have to check out on, starting an IV, doing a blood draw, a regular iv push or piggyback, a central line push or piggyback, hanging a bag on the pump or by gravity , and using a pca. Yeah there are alot of steps to each of those and maintaining sterility during all of it scares me. lol. I'm sure it will go smoothly. I think im more afraid of what comes after. After we pass we are suppose to start practicing on each other. That worries me alot. I have seen a few girls just kinda ramming the needle in there. yikes!!! i really don't think they need to go that far in but not sure what to do except not pair up with them. lol..Anyway it's now about 630am so i guess i should start getting ready for school slowly. i don't have to be there till 8am.nurse Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, September 21, 2009

okay some of the good..

WE had so much fun with all of our friends. The limo (party bus) was fun. We ate at some good buffets that had every kind of food imaginable. We went to the cheesecake factory which i dearly love. I went and watched the price is right show in a casino which was fun. We gambled and didn't come home broke. WE broke about even which i think is a win because we bought things and food and drinks all weekend and still came home pretty even. I can not say the same for all of our friends..yikes.. lol. We needed the break badly and we got one so that is really good. Today it was back to the grindstone. i have laundry in and i'm unpacking bags and i went into the lab to practice iv's cause i have to check out on them tomorrow.. yes i'm nervous.

We made it home.

WE had an absolute blast in vegas. Allegiant airlines was horrible though. We ended up not leaving the day we were suppose to. They held us in the airport till 230 am and then told us to be back by 9 am the next morning to leave. Well we were back and didn't leave till arond 2pm so our whole trip was cut short. They don't want to reimburse us anything. People were ticked off!!! Anyway once we got there it didn't matter too much but do you know on the way home they boarded us and then made us deboard and we had to wait about an hour for a new plane again. Apparently their airline needs some new planes or electricians or something.. it was alittle nerveracking and i'm never worried about flying.
Here are a few pictures. There are more on facebook. ;-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We are outta here!!

We are off to vegas at 9 tonight! Wish us luck haha! If we win millions ill post about all the trips we go on! We don't really plan on winning but we do plan on having some fun and seeing some comedy shows. Maybe do the price is right. Who knows! Everyone have a fun weekend!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

weekend review

Its been a busy one. Friday we went out for date night. We met up with some other couples at the wonderbar was lots of fun then two of the guys allan use to work with at the mine showed up (both single guys) we ended up going with them to the sandbar. That place was exactly what I imagine it would be. A dump! Lol we still had a fun night out though. Saturday we went out to the farmers market and bought some apple/pears. I guess they are a cross between both. They are pretty yummy. We came home did some laundry which is neverending around here. Sunday allan went golfing and I had girls over to study. We have our first big test on fluid and electrolytes tomorrow so we are getting ready to study again soon. Lilly has been just fabulous lately. Happy and loving and she will listen and do stuff. Like get diapers, put clothes in hamper, take things to trash, get a blanket, etc. She is also giving everyone kisses. Last night liz and nolan came over. Lilly had tons of fun playing with her cousins. We ordered chinese food which was way was fun to relax. I even had two glasses of something like wine. I hate wine but this was pretty good. I haven't drank in so long it really doesn't take much. They left at like 830 and I was ready to put myself to bed haha. Anyway hope everyone has a great weekend. We are hoping the week flys by cause our vegas trip starts thursday night! Woohoo!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

some random pictures..

Lilly helped me weed the flower bed a while back.. well it was her idea of helping. notice all the pulled weeds behind her.. lol. The other one is just a picture of her ponytails. they are getting longer and i think they are cute.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Okay okay

Yees my last post was a little ranting.. lol. Today was my first hands on clincal day in the pediatric ob floor. I had an awesome day. I watched them put in 2 epidural's, i did a catheter, I got to go watch a c-section. That was so amazing. The little baby boy was awesome in his first seconds of life. So amazing. I almost watched a normal delivery but the mom was still pushing when i left. I saw so much in a matter of 6 hours today. Awesome Awesome is all i have to say and it might redirect my attention back to the OB nurse. Delivering babies is way cool. The nurse i was with today had just graduated a year ago from the same program i am in and she has delivered 3 babies without the doctor. WOW!!! She was amazing too. like a seasoned pro despite being a really new nurse still! anyway pray for my little nephew jake if you get the chance. He is going into some sort of procedure right now. I guess we will wait and hear from liz how it all goes. Just wanted to update on how my day went!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President obama's thoughts

Okay I have included lots of comments from fellow bloggers and some news clippings in this. My feeling is this was retarded! If you kept your child home i think you gave your kido the wrong message. Kids didn't need to be taught that they don't have to listen to their president! It's the president... If you tell them they can pick and choose from people in authority that is the wrong message. WE put the president there wether you agree with everything he does or not he should still be respected for being in that office. Next time choose someone else but wether you like him or not giving a speech to encourage kids to stay in school and become something of themselves is a good thing!! Hello if my crackhead neighbor told my kid about staying in school to become something i would let them. It's a good message. If the kids had issues with what they heard then you parents out there need to sit down and talk to them at the kitchen table. If Parents spent half the time talking to their kids as they do making a fuss over stupid issues like this.. the world would be a different place. I blame what the world is coming to on the parents. YOu let your kids turn out this way. There are always bad eggs but today parents just give in and give up way to easy. I am by no means the "perfect" parent but i love my kid and i don't believe that ignorance is bliss. To be able to argue a point you have to hear and know both sides to the story.

“This isn’t a policy speech,” said Sandra Abrevaya, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education. “It’s designed to encourage kids to stay in school. The choice on whether to show the speech to students is entirely in the hands of each school. This is absolutely voluntary.”

It’s difficult for me to understand how listening to the president, the commander in chief, the chief citizen of this country, is damaging to the youth of today,” said Phyllis Griffin Epps, an analyst for the city who has two children in public school.

Obama’s speech to students was first announced late last month but criticism grew this week, as conservative commentators including Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin said Obama was trying to improperly influence the students. Beck even urged parents to take their children out of school on Tuesday to protest Obama’s speech

It is absolutely mind boggling to me that any educational institution would prevent their student body from seeing the President of the United States address ... students. Elected officials are invited every single year to talk to students in their districts (including highly controversial legislators who have said highly inappropriate things about young people). Yet, these very same schools are preventing students from seeing a speech from the President of the United States. Schools. The President.

Far scarier than any speech is that our children are being educated in school districts where administrators are so willing to sacrifice education for their own personal convenience. Administrators who aren't committed enough to educate ALL young people by doing jobs and deal with a handful of parents who are playing politics

This is the President of the United States. When I was in school we watched the inuagurations speeches of every president, we watched Martin Luther King's "I Have a
Dream" speech, we watch Nixon's resignation speech, we even watched the Watergate Hearings in Civics class. We may have even watched taped speeches of Malcom X and Louis Farakhan. I agree with other posters the real losers are the kids whose parents opted out, or kept them home.
It's a pleasure to have a literate, intelligent man represent our country. Bush was so inept and silly America has been dumbed down to the point that intelligentce and reason is scary. One does not have to agree with every word that is said

George H.W.Bush spoke to school kids during his presidency and asked kids to write to him. Some democrats objected to that but it was barely a ripple effect compared to the outrageous and assine response of the right wing nut job parents. These parents should ban together and built their own damn schools and teach what they want, as for me, thank God my grandchildren are receiving not only a first class education in a public school, but they have parents who actually sit down with them at the dinner table and discuss important issues. Both Sides of an argument are addressed. When they get out in the world and have to interact with those whose parents kept them from intellectual inquiry and development, it will sadly be a battle with an unarmed opponent for my grandkids!

Here we go.

Today i'm off to the hospital in about an hour. I had a long lunch today to come home from class and get ready to go to the hospital. I'm excited and nervous. Lilly is being very good for her grandma lala. I'm hungry so i got to run and get some food, change my clothes and head out to get a new chip in my id so i can get into the medication rooms at at the hopsital. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 4, 2009

work school work laundry dishes study work

Yeah these are the day's of my life.. lol. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed can you tell by my title. I"m glad its the weekend. However with that being said we have a barbque to go to a swim party to go to i have to work tonight and monday night and i have no idea if allan is going to be here or not this weekend. lol. I'm hoping he will be but.. it's not looking promising. In between all that i have ot find some time to study and some time to get some of this housework done. I was trying to do it right now and decided that i better just get off my feet since i have to go into work in an hour and a half. I work till 10 tonight but it's payday so at least i get to pick up my paycheck! woo hoo that's always fun. I cant' wait until i start making a really good nurse paycheck! haha. CNA's just don't get paid what they are worth! Anyway, I just wanted to write a little note since i hadn't posted anything since monday. I have just been to busy. Lilly is snotty nosed like usual lately. She has been very vocal lately. Saying more words only once or twice but she keeps trying to talk out big sentences.. she said spoon the other day and she still says up and down and tries to count. She just seems to be getting a lot funner lately. I don't know what it is. She still can drive me crazy but i think allan and i both are just really enjoying all the crazy little things she does and says. Anyway i'm gonna grab something for lunch and sit on the couch for an hour before i have to hit it again! see ya hope everyone has an awesome weekend and that we all get the rest we need. HAHA yeah right is all i can say to that one! lol