Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wish me luck.. here i go.

nurse Pictures, Images and PhotosI'm going to the school today to check out on Iv's. There is so much to check out on. I'm up for some reason at 4 am and i can't go back to sleep.. is it nerves? i don't feel really nervous but i didn't sleep well. who knows. I have to check out on, starting an IV, doing a blood draw, a regular iv push or piggyback, a central line push or piggyback, hanging a bag on the pump or by gravity , and using a pca. Yeah there are alot of steps to each of those and maintaining sterility during all of it scares me. lol. I'm sure it will go smoothly. I think im more afraid of what comes after. After we pass we are suppose to start practicing on each other. That worries me alot. I have seen a few girls just kinda ramming the needle in there. yikes!!! i really don't think they need to go that far in but not sure what to do except not pair up with them. lol..Anyway it's now about 630am so i guess i should start getting ready for school slowly. i don't have to be there till 8am.nurse Pictures, Images and Photos

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