Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Okay okay

Yees my last post was a little ranting.. lol. Today was my first hands on clincal day in the pediatric ob floor. I had an awesome day. I watched them put in 2 epidural's, i did a catheter, I got to go watch a c-section. That was so amazing. The little baby boy was awesome in his first seconds of life. So amazing. I almost watched a normal delivery but the mom was still pushing when i left. I saw so much in a matter of 6 hours today. Awesome Awesome is all i have to say and it might redirect my attention back to the OB nurse. Delivering babies is way cool. The nurse i was with today had just graduated a year ago from the same program i am in and she has delivered 3 babies without the doctor. WOW!!! She was amazing too. like a seasoned pro despite being a really new nurse still! anyway pray for my little nephew jake if you get the chance. He is going into some sort of procedure right now. I guess we will wait and hear from liz how it all goes. Just wanted to update on how my day went!

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Anonymous said...

Whats going on with Jake?