Monday, September 14, 2009

weekend review

Its been a busy one. Friday we went out for date night. We met up with some other couples at the wonderbar was lots of fun then two of the guys allan use to work with at the mine showed up (both single guys) we ended up going with them to the sandbar. That place was exactly what I imagine it would be. A dump! Lol we still had a fun night out though. Saturday we went out to the farmers market and bought some apple/pears. I guess they are a cross between both. They are pretty yummy. We came home did some laundry which is neverending around here. Sunday allan went golfing and I had girls over to study. We have our first big test on fluid and electrolytes tomorrow so we are getting ready to study again soon. Lilly has been just fabulous lately. Happy and loving and she will listen and do stuff. Like get diapers, put clothes in hamper, take things to trash, get a blanket, etc. She is also giving everyone kisses. Last night liz and nolan came over. Lilly had tons of fun playing with her cousins. We ordered chinese food which was way was fun to relax. I even had two glasses of something like wine. I hate wine but this was pretty good. I haven't drank in so long it really doesn't take much. They left at like 830 and I was ready to put myself to bed haha. Anyway hope everyone has a great weekend. We are hoping the week flys by cause our vegas trip starts thursday night! Woohoo!

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