Friday, September 4, 2009

work school work laundry dishes study work

Yeah these are the day's of my life.. lol. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed can you tell by my title. I"m glad its the weekend. However with that being said we have a barbque to go to a swim party to go to i have to work tonight and monday night and i have no idea if allan is going to be here or not this weekend. lol. I'm hoping he will be but.. it's not looking promising. In between all that i have ot find some time to study and some time to get some of this housework done. I was trying to do it right now and decided that i better just get off my feet since i have to go into work in an hour and a half. I work till 10 tonight but it's payday so at least i get to pick up my paycheck! woo hoo that's always fun. I cant' wait until i start making a really good nurse paycheck! haha. CNA's just don't get paid what they are worth! Anyway, I just wanted to write a little note since i hadn't posted anything since monday. I have just been to busy. Lilly is snotty nosed like usual lately. She has been very vocal lately. Saying more words only once or twice but she keeps trying to talk out big sentences.. she said spoon the other day and she still says up and down and tries to count. She just seems to be getting a lot funner lately. I don't know what it is. She still can drive me crazy but i think allan and i both are just really enjoying all the crazy little things she does and says. Anyway i'm gonna grab something for lunch and sit on the couch for an hour before i have to hit it again! see ya hope everyone has an awesome weekend and that we all get the rest we need. HAHA yeah right is all i can say to that one! lol

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