Wednesday, September 30, 2009

is this really the last day of September?

Okay so here are some funny photos of lilly. She liked the big tub i brought home. We have been cleaning and organizing the basement and garage and needed another tub. So lilly found the new tub and decided it was her bed or something. She put in her pillow and a blanket so i thought why not and handed her the night time bottle. lol. She had so much fun in there. Of course she did not go to bed she learned how to jump and that is all she has been doing lately. She is a funny little thing but she keeps me laughing.

So this brings me to the topic of my post.. look what i saw out my front door tonight.....

Yep it's snow!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! My friend Fauna called to tell me they had snow the other OR. We are finally getting below 100 here! The pics of Lilly are too funny. Emma use to do that too. I have a picture of her in her laundry basket filled with stuffed animals..asleep!

Leslie said...

Did you get a new truck? Am I way behind?