Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I"m so tired today..

I have no idea why. I got fairly decent sleep last night. I had an exam this moring that i think i either got a high B or low A on. I'm pretty sure i did fine on it. Then i went to the hospital for the rest of the day. I got to follow a surgeon around. He was very nice and showed me lots of stuff. i watched a breast cancer patient have some nodes removed and i watched the end of a gallbladder removal, and then the one that took hours was a hernia repair. I can officially say i know what intestines look like now. WOW.. lol. Allan is about to come home and we are going to do our tuesday night routine. We always order outback on tuesday nights because i get out so late and i have to go in so early that cooking is hard. So we make it a fun reward. I always get the same thing.. soup and salad but i love their potato soup and salad with honey mustard dressing.. yummy. I'm getting hungry thinking about it can you tell? lol. Lilly is doing good. She is really congested so she ahsn't been eating too much and doesn't sleep great because she isn't breathing well but she is happy all day and really playful right now. I love having happy kidos around ;-) anyway i'm changing inot my pajammies and calling it a night! have a good week.

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