Monday, September 21, 2009

We made it home.

WE had an absolute blast in vegas. Allegiant airlines was horrible though. We ended up not leaving the day we were suppose to. They held us in the airport till 230 am and then told us to be back by 9 am the next morning to leave. Well we were back and didn't leave till arond 2pm so our whole trip was cut short. They don't want to reimburse us anything. People were ticked off!!! Anyway once we got there it didn't matter too much but do you know on the way home they boarded us and then made us deboard and we had to wait about an hour for a new plane again. Apparently their airline needs some new planes or electricians or something.. it was alittle nerveracking and i'm never worried about flying.
Here are a few pictures. There are more on facebook. ;-)

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