Thursday, September 24, 2009

Auntie leslie..

YOu left us a comment! WE miss you super bunches too!! Yes we had flowers there isn't much left now. Between lilly and our first frost it pretty much took care of all the flowers around here. HAha. Anyway we just wanted to give you a shout out for taking some intiative in staying in contact and letting us know you read our blog! We love staying in touch with poeple real family and fake aunts.. lol. YOu will always be our auntie leslie!! love you girl!


Auntie Leslie said...

Well I love you guys too! You know we have known each other for almost 10 years now....OMG can't believe it. Its funny to see you with a child, not that I don't think you are a wonderful MOM but, you know I knew you when you turned 21.....just weird. Wait till I have will see the weirdness. Oh and Jenny has a kid too....I am so behind the curve:)

Auntie Leslie said...

Oh by the way, I am the BEST fake aunt Lilly could ever have:):) LOL!