Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feb the month of love

The garden picture is what we are trying to go for. 
It's getting close to valentines day. Is love in the air? Lilly is filling out her valentines for her class. She has been doing so well at school. Her teacher seems to dote on her. She came home and read me her first book the other night. It was great! 
Emma is coming to visit for a few days. She gets here on valentines day. She is just staying the weekend because they dot have school on Monday for Presidents' Day. Everyone is excited for her arrival. 
What else is new?? Hmm.. We bought a truck yesterday. It's an old one. Older than me in fact. A 1977 Chevy C-10. Cherry red. Got a good deal on it from an ex military guy. So Allan now has something else to tinker with and something else to use to haul the trash and yard stuff away. We have started working on our little garden we are going to have this year. I have seedlings going in the house and Allan is about to start digging in the yard. It's just goin to be a small backyard veggie garden. Nothing too big. Just something fun to do with the kids outside and hopefully get some fresh food out of. Crossing my fingers. 
Olivia is doing great too. She is getting bigger by the day and turning into a cute little girl. Well toddler really. She isn't quite two yet. Her birthday is coming up soon though. Her hair is just getting long enough to put in pig tails and braid. It's very cute. 
I've been working some and I really think I made the right choice on my job. I enjoy it a lot and it hasn't been overwhelming at all yet. The nurses there are very nice and actually very helpful. I'm learning a ton and holding my own at the same time. The pay has turned out to be way better than it was in Arizona too so that was a great surprise. 
Today we have a fire going in the fireplace cause its cold out. I'm enjoying laying around by it in my free time. Tomorrow it's suppose to start warming up again but I work the next two days. This weekend is suppose to be in the 70's all weekend which is perfect here. 
Anyway just wanted to post a little update and a couple pictures.l