Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cleaning like a madwoman

Yes, I've been busting my butt with the help of aaron today getting this house cleaned up. We did chores that just needed to be done. All i have left is finishing the laundry two more loads and making dinner. I have the meatloaf in the overn right now and i need to go peel potatoes but i've been having a pain in my side the last hour. I"m not really sure what it is. The last time i had this feeling everyone in the house got sick with some kind of bad stomach bug. Hope it's not that again.. YUCK!
I did our taxes today too. I was wondering if we were going to have to pay taxes this year. This year we made more than any other year in the past so i was wondering how that would work out. I'm just a ding when it comes to taxes but we apparently are getting back mroe than we ever have. YEah! WE aren't doing anything fun with it. Just sticking it in savings but that's okay!
I went to walmart too and got a bunch of cards for all the coming birthdays and anniversary's. Lilly sat in one of my drainers today. It was hilarious. She was using it as a seat. It looked like a little papason (sp) chair. She had a runny nose today. I don't think she is sick but i'm wondering if she is getting some more teeth. She has been drooling too. Lilly slept in till 9am this morning too. I heard her cry at 730 but i was just exhausted so i ignored her again and she fell back asleep and we both slept till 9. I can't remember the last time i slept in till 9 oclock. lol. It's been a very long time.
Allan is headed home. He has been gone for 3 days i think. He should be here in an hour or so. I guess i better get to peeling potatoes. I'll put the pictures of lilly in her chair up soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Im out of school today..

Yep no school today. It's the one day i don't have school and i'm glad. I didn't do so well on the last test. I made a C. WEll, I made an 82 but in nursing school b's start at 83.. so i missed a B by 1 point. When i got done with the test i called allan and told him that i didn't even think i passed it. I would not of be suprised to see a D in all honesty.
Anyway, i have to go do some running around today. Lilly or someone broke the cord to the camera.So i have to go search out another one so i can download pictures. .. Actually i was just so smart lol and figured out that i had a memory disk in the camera and can download from there so i don't even need the dumb cord.. oh wait.. yes i do cause that's how i charge it. CRAP!!! so yeah off to do some running around to get a cord. I also need some groceries for the house. I'm going to try to make some meatloaf either today or tomorrow. I like meatloaf strangely. I have never attempted to make one from scratch though. It seems fairly easy as long as it cooks thru. Anyway i added the pic's of the truck now that i figured out how to download them .. lol The other pictures were of the snow we have gotten. It was a ton of it. The one of lilly pad running around in her diaperoo..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm exhausted..

I had clinicals today and i took care of a 92 year old lady. She was awesome and i have no idea why she was even in the hospital. I mean i know what her chart said but she was a fiesty spirited lady that was just sweet. i hope i'm doing as well as her when i'm 92. lol.. However, I'm exhausted. I must not of sat down all day long. So it's 8pm and i'm about to go crawl into my bed and not come out till the morning. I have our first test in my nursing concept class tomorrow. I took my first pharmacology test and made a 90 on it. Yes i'm patting myself on the back because i didn't hear anyone else even get over a 75 on it. The grades were pretty low for the whole class. I didn't study too much for it. I thought it was common sense but we all get different tests and maybe mine was just easy.. I don't know but i'm not complaining on my 90. YEAH!!

Lilly is doing good. Running around like a little crazy lady. She has learned to play chase with me. She will chase me into the other room giggling the whole time. She also runs and jumps or falls on buddah. It's funny.

Allan made it home today and just got back from the gym. We got some yummy KFC for dinner. I usually designate Tuesday as our order out night because i either have to much homework or i'm just too tired from the long day to make dinner.

So off to bed i go to watch america's funniest home videos and fall asleep. nite nite everyone!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I"m so excited..

Dodge Ram 1500 Pictures, Images and PhotosWe bought a new truck today. WE picked one and worked out a good deal on the price. WE got rid of our honda and kept our suburban. Now we are proud owners of a dodge ram with a Hemi.. It's read and has leather and a nav system and power everything, heated seats, a sunroof, etc etc.. I love it. The only thing it really needs is running boards because i am too short to get into it. lol. Yep, i have to jump up in it so as soon as it quits snowing here we will go get that priced and go pay for the title. We have 45 days for that part. It's so pretty and i'll post a picture when it quits snowing on it. lol..the one above is just a pic from photobucket..

happy birthday mirya!

happu birthday to you Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today is such a pretty day here in casper or maybe i'm just in a really good mood. I don't know but it's in the 50's today which is nice for here and the sun is shining. I took lilly out in the front yard for a little bit. She was funny to watch. She explored everything. she wasn't too cure about walking in the grass. She got braver when i took her shoes off. lol.. We were going to go to the park and still might after while. She got tired outside so she is down for alittle nap before we do anything. I"m warming up some lunch so we will see what we are up for after lunch and a nap.
I went to school today and it went fine. I have a first test in pharmacology tomorrow online and then my other class has it's first test on wed a week from now. Clinicals are going about the same but i'm even excited about them because i'm counting the weeks down till i'm out of this teachers class and on to the teacher i first started with who is super nice and smart. This one is smart but the nice category isn't something i would put her in. lol.. sorry.
So everything is going good around here. Allan is on the road still and got a flat tire so i'm not sure he would say the same today but he seemed to be in an alright mood despite the circumstances. He is ready to come home as always.
Aaron is back at work today from 8-5 and mom is relaaxing after watching lilly for me this morning. Everything is good in the neighborhood!

Monday, January 19, 2009

GUESS Who did it???

LIlly DId. She slept thru the night last night. I have no idea why other than she was just really tired i guess. I mean she had a regular nap about an hour and a half yesterday. At about 530 she was so cranky i decided to put her back in her crib. So she feel back asleep. Allan let her sleep about an hour till 630 and he woke her up. He had to fight her to get her up. lol. She came out laid down on the floor and fell back asleep. LOL.. So he put her in the bath tub where i guess she played for a while. Anyway she went back down by 8ish and she never got up once last night. This would be so awesome if she just decided to start sleeping thru the night. I won't hold my breath though. I kinda think it's a fluke. lol.. /However, for whatever reason she slept last night I"m so grateful. I've been running low on sleep so it was super nice. I got up at 8 am and had to go in there and try to wake her up. She still wasn't ready. HEHE.. She slept till 815!!! She also woke up very happy and is watching some cartoons on the floor with her bowl of breakfast snacks.YEAH!!! such a big girl.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It feels like monday even though it's sat!

I've just been busy busy busy as usual. Lilly hasn't been wanting to sleep ever. Do they all just go thru this or what? She hasn't wanted to go down for any naps. She will cry and cry in her bed. At night she has been waking up all the time and then she has been waking up a couple of nights at 3 am just wide awake wanting to play. I thought by 1 they should be sleeping thru the night.. WHAT AM I doing wrong here? lol..
The suburban broke down again. Lilly and I were in a car wash and i guess the distributor got wet then it arched and burned when i tried to start it. That was a good 500 bucks to fix. So we have been looking for a new car. Well we found a truck we like. When allan gets home from being out of town with his job then we are going to go take a serious look at it but we are both pretty interested in it. WE need a truck all the time especially with the work on the basement and in the spring i always need somewhere to put plants and i think i want to put in a few more trees this year. I may even do a small veggie garden this year. We will see how that goes. I'm not planning on taking any classes for summer so that will be a first in the last few years. It feels like i have been in school forever. I finished my associates degree in general studies right before i got out of the military, then we moved here and i started working on all of my prereq's that i needed for nursing school, i got in the nursing program and am in the second semester of that and i serious feel worn out already. lol.. I want to make it thru this semester cause then if all else fails i can become and LPN. RN is of course my goal but i'm getting so worn out from it all. lol..
Buddah our dog has been digging holes in the back yard. Yep he is trying to escape. hehe.. he is digging one under the fence between our house and the neighbors who hs a big dog that he always wants to play with. Little punk is digging out. So i have to go try to fix that. His poop pile has been piling up since it has been snowing so i need to get out there anyway. We are suppose to have 50 degree weather the next couple of days so i figure it's a good time to do all that. I have no classes on monday thank goodness. Anyway, i have to go check on Lilly. I was letting her cry it out and it may have worked cause she is pretty quite in there. I'm going to go take a look.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy birthday Nolan!

Old Man Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy birthday to nolan. I hear he is 28 today.. So i thought this old fart birthday thing was funny. Considering I'll be turning 28 in april.. yikes. lol. I only get to call him old for a few months so i thought i would start today. HOpe he has a great birthday and we have a few presents to send over there. Maybe i can drop them off later today.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

busy school days

Today was the first day at my hospital rotation again. I think that i have all my homework done finally. lol. I was at the hospital from 6am till 430pm. This may not seem like a long day to you but before the break we went two days aweek and it was like a 4 hour day and a 6 hour day so combining them for a 10 hour day was interesting. My legs sure feel it. HAHa. I did like it better actually. I didn't feel nearly as rushed as i usually do. I usually don't have any time to do anything and when you get in the middle of something it's time to go. I come home thinking.. did i learn anything? Today i got to feel like i was doing something. I actually had time to get paperwork done and everything. Our instructor said we can take on two patients when we feel like we are ready. I feel like i'm ready to take on 1 1/2. LOL.. not quite there yet. I have class in the morning and again on friday morning but thursday i have off and i can't wait. Tomorrow after school i have got to get to the grocery store. Poor lilly is running out of decent baby food. She eats alot of what we eat but i give her gerber graduates too and she is out. I had to send aaron to the store right now at 9pm to get milk cause we are totally out and i know lilly is going to wake up wanting a bottle. Mom said she couldn't get lilly to eat hardly anything today. I'm hoping she isn't sick. I had homework tonight and last night so i haven't gotten to spend hardly anytime with her. I miss her. She is starting to really walk everywhere. She crawls some but her primary mode of transportation is changing to walking. I'm so proud! She tries to really book it to. It's funny. Cause she makes huffing and puffing noises like she is running and excited. It's too cute. Allan has been home the last few nights. I'm so glad. He has really helped at night while i have homework. He is being such a supportive hubby! Thank you honeypie! He is just coming in from the gym so i guess i'll say goodnight and go spend a few minutes before bed with him. We have barely seen each other too in the last couple of days.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lilly's appointment today.

Lilly is 30 1/2 inches long and weighs in at a whopping 19.2 lbs. That put her in the 25% for weight and 75-90% for height. The doctor asked if she said any words and I told him she says "mama, dada, and buddah." He had to question the Buddah part. lol I explained that it was our dogs name. He said three words is really good cause they are only supppose to be saying about 2 so far. He noticed her big bonk on the head and i explained that it is her first few days walking. He understood that quickly. lol. Lilly didn't like the doctor, nurse or lab tech. She didn't discriminate in her yelling and screaming. It's over though and she doesn't have another check up till april at 15 months. Thank goodness. If i had to do one of those every month i don't know what i would do. Lilly bleed all over my shirt cause she pulled her bandaid off and they ended up having to wrap her whole hand in a pink wrap to get it to stop bleeding. Poor girl. I gave her a dose of tylenol and she fell asleep before we got back home. I think she should be out for a while cause she hadn't taken a nap the whole day. She usually goes down about 11 but today is was about 230 before she was out.
I did some shopping before the appointment. WE got some great finds at once upon a child. The were having a dollar sale. So we stocked up on some fall clothes for lilly when she is in the 24 month bracket and we got lots of little boy clothes to send to allan's aunt in alabama who is due with her first boy in April i think. We even got a few pairs of capri pants for Emma for her trip her in the summer. Some of the brands were really expensive ones too. Ralph Lauren, Gap, Children's place, Carters, old navy to name a few. I was impressed. You can get some great things if you wait for their sale. I have a bag full of spring clothes for lilly in the 18 month size from the last sale. I looked at them today. I only spent like 25 bucks today and they said i saved 122.00 off the original prices. The spring clothes had the recipt in there and i spent 10 bucks then and saved 67.00 off the reg prices. I just love good sales. I wish i could get a sack full of clothes that i like for that price. lol.. I'd be out shopping right now. lol. Anyway I'm off to take a nap while lilly is down. That appointment wiped me out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poor thing..

Yes this walking thing is hard. Lilly got stuck between a box and a hard lace last night. Well i pushed the box out of the way and very quickly her head hit the coffee table corner. She has only bumped into the coffee table probably in the millions of times. So the coffee table is now in the garage and she has been walking quite a bit today. Last night she was walking from me to her dad or to her grandma lala. Today however she has been doing it on her own a few times and only a few feet at a time. Just randomly walking. YEAH!! I'm so proud. She does have alittle war wound on her forhead but she is starting to walk more. Hope everyone else's day is oging fabulous. We cleaned all day and took loads of trash and juck to the dump again today. Getting things done before i go back to school. I'm feeling less stressed now. My blood pressure was running high before and i stopped taking hte medicine for the last few days. I think it has been about 5 days. Anyway i took my blood pressure today and it was 112/77. Not too bad. It's under 120/80 so that's what i was shooting for. So I'm going to bingo tonight as a reward for getting stuff cleaned and having lower blood pressure. HAHA..And my little girl is walking! YEAH Oh i should add that her nose isn't really runny this just fappened to be right after it happened and she had been crying..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Okay it hit me today..

Yep it hit me, the fact that i have to go back to school on monday. My break is coming to an end. Now all of a sudden I see all these things that i need to get done before i go back. Once i go back I have no time to do these things. Just things like organizing stuff. It's everywhere i look today though. CLUTTER.. CLUTTER.. CLUTTER! Lilly's old toys need to get broken down and put away the right way. Everyone needs to get their clothes out of the laundry room so that the boxes can been gone thru and organized again. Dust is everywhere too.. Yep so it hit me today. So i mad ea list of things that have to get done before i go back on monday and then i gave up and decided it's a wasted battle and i'd rather blog. lol..It probably doesn't help that i've been trying to quit smoking. I haven't totally quit. I just cut way down to only 1 or 2 a day. I draw the liine at 2. I'm hoping just cutting back will be enough to make me give it up totally without cold turkeying it. lol.. I think it's working cause when i smoke my one cigarette i only really want to smoke half and i put it out usually. Maybe it's cause it's so cold outside.. lol. So it's going okay except that I know i'm coming off like a big mean grouch to everyone. I can't seem to help it. I just sound well to be honest i sound bitchy with every word. So today i'm stressed and grouchy. I am taking advantage of my christmas present today and going to the spa at 3pm .. I'm hoping this will revive me and get me in a better mood. I think it will .. I started smiling just thinking about it. Let me write down what it says in the brochure from the spa.. this is what i'm having done today.

It's the Total Body Elixir Treatment.. "This Treatment combines hydrotherapy with therapeutic masssage to create an exhilarating yet relaxing experience. First your skin is exfoliated with a combination of Aveda massage oil and aqua therapy sea salt, then removed with aroma therapy drencehd warm towels. Next you'll enjoy the warmth of a seaweed wrap. As your system is being detoxified a scalp massage relieves your daily stress. Next, an energizing session in our rainforest shower. Finally an hour long full body massage to relieve stress and tension. It lasts two hours all together.

No i have to say that i have had one of these before. I loved every part except the seaweed wrap. the exfoliating was great. My skin felt way soft but laying there in the wrap thing was like being in a coacoon (sp). It just wasn't that great. Everythign else is so good though that i can endur the part that i don't care for. The scalp massage is heaven and the massage is great too. An the "rainforest shower" it's like the biggest shower head i have ever seen. It's really like standing under a small waterfall. It's awesome. They did the room in very tranquil and natural looking deco. The spa is called bamboo so it fits. It's an aveda salon and if you have never been then i suggest you go someday. It's a great place. All aveda salons are great. I went to my first one in Australia and i was so amazed. They really pamper. They even give you cucumber water whic is another thing i don't cae for but whatever. lol..
See my mood has improved already!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lilly takes first steps

First Steps Pictures, Images and PhotosYep lilly sure has been trying to walk today. She took three good steps towards me today and allan said she did it a few times while i was at the store today. When i got home she took another two just on her own. So it won't be long and she will be walking all around. I"m so excited for her. She can walk just holding on to one hand really good. I got her baby book almost finished. I'm waiting for her doctor visit tomorrow to put in how big she is at 12 months and that will be finished. YEAH!!
We are going to try and take the kido to the pool at 4 today.
That should be fun. Lilly really loves the water alot.
chargers Pictures, Images and Photos

Did you see the game last night! wohoo. I meansome things could have been a little different but all in all it was a very good game i thought! I'm proud of my chargers! I wish i knew who they were playing. Either the Titans or the STeelers and neither one of those teams are too shabby. YIKES!!.. I'm kinda hoping for the titans cause i think they may be overrated. lol.. Then again the steelers.. something about them oh wasn't big ben the QB knocked out or somehting last game. I remember him being on a stretcher. So if he isn't playing that may be good for us. lol.. I don't know. I'm just hoping we can pull thru another win but either way we go those two teams are tough and it will be a challenge for sure!

GO San Diego Super Chargers!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Year in Review..

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009. 2008 wasn't that bad really. We got use to having our precious lillypad around and we watched her grow from a tiny little baby into a little one that crawls and gets into every drawer, cabinet, closet, etc.. One that throws things in the toilet and does a dance of joy watching it swirl around in there and one that slpashes in the dog water with glee as she throws the food on the floor. lol
We had an off moment when allan was in between jobs but he ended up getting one that paid way better and allowed us to do more things this year. I also started nursing school and finished what seemed like a never ending semester until it was over. lol
We had Aaron and my Mom come to stay with us which was an adjustment on everyone's part but it is going really well and i'm glad that i have someone who loves lilly so much watching her everyday. That is a huge blessing.
I'm looking forward to the future though. I want to see liz's little baby born this year. I'm looking forward to only having one more semester this time next year in the nursing program. I'm really looking forward to going on some vacations. I think we are planning one to allan's 10 year reunion in N.D. in july. That should be fun if we get to go. I want to see just what buelah is like. Finacially I'm hoping to get both vehicles paid of this year along with some other things. I can't wait to see what this year brings. I'm praying for our country and for all our friends and family to have a wonderful new year!
Today has been super busy. I made up a few dinners for liz's freezer and got her a couple bags full of suprises for the new baby. I don't know if i'll be able to help too much when classes start again on the 12th. I have school everyday of the week except thursday so that doesn't leave much time for my own family little long anyone else's. I still wanted her to know that i was thinking about her and i'm excited about this new baby though. I also went around town paying our mortgage and school tuition. I can't seem to think of what else i did but i sure am tired so it must of been alot. lol.. I know i made chicken nacho's for dinner. They were really good. I put about 4 chicken breast cut into chunks into the crock pot and then stirred in a whole packet of chicken taco seasoning then put enough water to cover them. I cooked them on high till it was boiling then i turned it on low the rest of the day. I ended up draining it a little and shredding the chicken. The boys here went on and on about how good the chicken was and it sure did make the house smell yummy. I would suggest this easy trick for chicken taco's or nacho's or whatever kind of mexican dish you want to make with chicken.
I finally got lilly down. She has been wanting to take a few steps. She only takes about 1 1/2 and then falls down or sits down but she is interested in walking it seems. YOu have to encourage her and keep helping her back up to the standing position and cheering her on but she gets so happy about it. It's very cute and I think by the end of the month she may be walking. Who knows though. If not this month definetly next month I would guess. She is the fastest crawler I have ever seen so she needs to start walking. HAHA.
Okay Off to bed I go. hello 2009 Pictures, Images and Photos