Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm exhausted..

I had clinicals today and i took care of a 92 year old lady. She was awesome and i have no idea why she was even in the hospital. I mean i know what her chart said but she was a fiesty spirited lady that was just sweet. i hope i'm doing as well as her when i'm 92. lol.. However, I'm exhausted. I must not of sat down all day long. So it's 8pm and i'm about to go crawl into my bed and not come out till the morning. I have our first test in my nursing concept class tomorrow. I took my first pharmacology test and made a 90 on it. Yes i'm patting myself on the back because i didn't hear anyone else even get over a 75 on it. The grades were pretty low for the whole class. I didn't study too much for it. I thought it was common sense but we all get different tests and maybe mine was just easy.. I don't know but i'm not complaining on my 90. YEAH!!

Lilly is doing good. Running around like a little crazy lady. She has learned to play chase with me. She will chase me into the other room giggling the whole time. She also runs and jumps or falls on buddah. It's funny.

Allan made it home today and just got back from the gym. We got some yummy KFC for dinner. I usually designate Tuesday as our order out night because i either have to much homework or i'm just too tired from the long day to make dinner.

So off to bed i go to watch america's funniest home videos and fall asleep. nite nite everyone!

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