Tuesday, January 13, 2009

busy school days

Today was the first day at my hospital rotation again. I think that i have all my homework done finally. lol. I was at the hospital from 6am till 430pm. This may not seem like a long day to you but before the break we went two days aweek and it was like a 4 hour day and a 6 hour day so combining them for a 10 hour day was interesting. My legs sure feel it. HAHa. I did like it better actually. I didn't feel nearly as rushed as i usually do. I usually don't have any time to do anything and when you get in the middle of something it's time to go. I come home thinking.. did i learn anything? Today i got to feel like i was doing something. I actually had time to get paperwork done and everything. Our instructor said we can take on two patients when we feel like we are ready. I feel like i'm ready to take on 1 1/2. LOL.. not quite there yet. I have class in the morning and again on friday morning but thursday i have off and i can't wait. Tomorrow after school i have got to get to the grocery store. Poor lilly is running out of decent baby food. She eats alot of what we eat but i give her gerber graduates too and she is out. I had to send aaron to the store right now at 9pm to get milk cause we are totally out and i know lilly is going to wake up wanting a bottle. Mom said she couldn't get lilly to eat hardly anything today. I'm hoping she isn't sick. I had homework tonight and last night so i haven't gotten to spend hardly anytime with her. I miss her. She is starting to really walk everywhere. She crawls some but her primary mode of transportation is changing to walking. I'm so proud! She tries to really book it to. It's funny. Cause she makes huffing and puffing noises like she is running and excited. It's too cute. Allan has been home the last few nights. I'm so glad. He has really helped at night while i have homework. He is being such a supportive hubby! Thank you honeypie! He is just coming in from the gym so i guess i'll say goodnight and go spend a few minutes before bed with him. We have barely seen each other too in the last couple of days.

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