Saturday, January 24, 2009

I"m so excited..

Dodge Ram 1500 Pictures, Images and PhotosWe bought a new truck today. WE picked one and worked out a good deal on the price. WE got rid of our honda and kept our suburban. Now we are proud owners of a dodge ram with a Hemi.. It's read and has leather and a nav system and power everything, heated seats, a sunroof, etc etc.. I love it. The only thing it really needs is running boards because i am too short to get into it. lol. Yep, i have to jump up in it so as soon as it quits snowing here we will go get that priced and go pay for the title. We have 45 days for that part. It's so pretty and i'll post a picture when it quits snowing on it. lol..the one above is just a pic from photobucket..

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Anonymous said...

Yay! How exciting? Emma is all happy. She loves trucks :)