Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Okay it hit me today..

Yep it hit me, the fact that i have to go back to school on monday. My break is coming to an end. Now all of a sudden I see all these things that i need to get done before i go back. Once i go back I have no time to do these things. Just things like organizing stuff. It's everywhere i look today though. CLUTTER.. CLUTTER.. CLUTTER! Lilly's old toys need to get broken down and put away the right way. Everyone needs to get their clothes out of the laundry room so that the boxes can been gone thru and organized again. Dust is everywhere too.. Yep so it hit me today. So i mad ea list of things that have to get done before i go back on monday and then i gave up and decided it's a wasted battle and i'd rather blog. lol..It probably doesn't help that i've been trying to quit smoking. I haven't totally quit. I just cut way down to only 1 or 2 a day. I draw the liine at 2. I'm hoping just cutting back will be enough to make me give it up totally without cold turkeying it. lol.. I think it's working cause when i smoke my one cigarette i only really want to smoke half and i put it out usually. Maybe it's cause it's so cold outside.. lol. So it's going okay except that I know i'm coming off like a big mean grouch to everyone. I can't seem to help it. I just sound well to be honest i sound bitchy with every word. So today i'm stressed and grouchy. I am taking advantage of my christmas present today and going to the spa at 3pm .. I'm hoping this will revive me and get me in a better mood. I think it will .. I started smiling just thinking about it. Let me write down what it says in the brochure from the spa.. this is what i'm having done today.

It's the Total Body Elixir Treatment.. "This Treatment combines hydrotherapy with therapeutic masssage to create an exhilarating yet relaxing experience. First your skin is exfoliated with a combination of Aveda massage oil and aqua therapy sea salt, then removed with aroma therapy drencehd warm towels. Next you'll enjoy the warmth of a seaweed wrap. As your system is being detoxified a scalp massage relieves your daily stress. Next, an energizing session in our rainforest shower. Finally an hour long full body massage to relieve stress and tension. It lasts two hours all together.

No i have to say that i have had one of these before. I loved every part except the seaweed wrap. the exfoliating was great. My skin felt way soft but laying there in the wrap thing was like being in a coacoon (sp). It just wasn't that great. Everythign else is so good though that i can endur the part that i don't care for. The scalp massage is heaven and the massage is great too. An the "rainforest shower" it's like the biggest shower head i have ever seen. It's really like standing under a small waterfall. It's awesome. They did the room in very tranquil and natural looking deco. The spa is called bamboo so it fits. It's an aveda salon and if you have never been then i suggest you go someday. It's a great place. All aveda salons are great. I went to my first one in Australia and i was so amazed. They really pamper. They even give you cucumber water whic is another thing i don't cae for but whatever. lol..
See my mood has improved already!


Anonymous said...

Oh I am trying to quit smoking too. It is going. Slowly but surely. I am down to about 2 or 3 a day from my almost half a pack a day. I tried cold turkey once and went right back to it. Oh and I wanted to tell you that I love aveda products!! They are amazing. I have never been to one of their salons/spas...maybe someday :)

thekeyes said...

Yes then you will have to find one and go.. Its amazing.
Good luck with quitting.