Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today is such a pretty day here in casper or maybe i'm just in a really good mood. I don't know but it's in the 50's today which is nice for here and the sun is shining. I took lilly out in the front yard for a little bit. She was funny to watch. She explored everything. she wasn't too cure about walking in the grass. She got braver when i took her shoes off. lol.. We were going to go to the park and still might after while. She got tired outside so she is down for alittle nap before we do anything. I"m warming up some lunch so we will see what we are up for after lunch and a nap.
I went to school today and it went fine. I have a first test in pharmacology tomorrow online and then my other class has it's first test on wed a week from now. Clinicals are going about the same but i'm even excited about them because i'm counting the weeks down till i'm out of this teachers class and on to the teacher i first started with who is super nice and smart. This one is smart but the nice category isn't something i would put her in. lol.. sorry.
So everything is going good around here. Allan is on the road still and got a flat tire so i'm not sure he would say the same today but he seemed to be in an alright mood despite the circumstances. He is ready to come home as always.
Aaron is back at work today from 8-5 and mom is relaaxing after watching lilly for me this morning. Everything is good in the neighborhood!

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