Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lilly's appointment today.

Lilly is 30 1/2 inches long and weighs in at a whopping 19.2 lbs. That put her in the 25% for weight and 75-90% for height. The doctor asked if she said any words and I told him she says "mama, dada, and buddah." He had to question the Buddah part. lol I explained that it was our dogs name. He said three words is really good cause they are only supppose to be saying about 2 so far. He noticed her big bonk on the head and i explained that it is her first few days walking. He understood that quickly. lol. Lilly didn't like the doctor, nurse or lab tech. She didn't discriminate in her yelling and screaming. It's over though and she doesn't have another check up till april at 15 months. Thank goodness. If i had to do one of those every month i don't know what i would do. Lilly bleed all over my shirt cause she pulled her bandaid off and they ended up having to wrap her whole hand in a pink wrap to get it to stop bleeding. Poor girl. I gave her a dose of tylenol and she fell asleep before we got back home. I think she should be out for a while cause she hadn't taken a nap the whole day. She usually goes down about 11 but today is was about 230 before she was out.
I did some shopping before the appointment. WE got some great finds at once upon a child. The were having a dollar sale. So we stocked up on some fall clothes for lilly when she is in the 24 month bracket and we got lots of little boy clothes to send to allan's aunt in alabama who is due with her first boy in April i think. We even got a few pairs of capri pants for Emma for her trip her in the summer. Some of the brands were really expensive ones too. Ralph Lauren, Gap, Children's place, Carters, old navy to name a few. I was impressed. You can get some great things if you wait for their sale. I have a bag full of spring clothes for lilly in the 18 month size from the last sale. I looked at them today. I only spent like 25 bucks today and they said i saved 122.00 off the original prices. The spring clothes had the recipt in there and i spent 10 bucks then and saved 67.00 off the reg prices. I just love good sales. I wish i could get a sack full of clothes that i like for that price. lol.. I'd be out shopping right now. lol. Anyway I'm off to take a nap while lilly is down. That appointment wiped me out.

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