Saturday, January 17, 2009

It feels like monday even though it's sat!

I've just been busy busy busy as usual. Lilly hasn't been wanting to sleep ever. Do they all just go thru this or what? She hasn't wanted to go down for any naps. She will cry and cry in her bed. At night she has been waking up all the time and then she has been waking up a couple of nights at 3 am just wide awake wanting to play. I thought by 1 they should be sleeping thru the night.. WHAT AM I doing wrong here? lol..
The suburban broke down again. Lilly and I were in a car wash and i guess the distributor got wet then it arched and burned when i tried to start it. That was a good 500 bucks to fix. So we have been looking for a new car. Well we found a truck we like. When allan gets home from being out of town with his job then we are going to go take a serious look at it but we are both pretty interested in it. WE need a truck all the time especially with the work on the basement and in the spring i always need somewhere to put plants and i think i want to put in a few more trees this year. I may even do a small veggie garden this year. We will see how that goes. I'm not planning on taking any classes for summer so that will be a first in the last few years. It feels like i have been in school forever. I finished my associates degree in general studies right before i got out of the military, then we moved here and i started working on all of my prereq's that i needed for nursing school, i got in the nursing program and am in the second semester of that and i serious feel worn out already. lol.. I want to make it thru this semester cause then if all else fails i can become and LPN. RN is of course my goal but i'm getting so worn out from it all. lol..
Buddah our dog has been digging holes in the back yard. Yep he is trying to escape. hehe.. he is digging one under the fence between our house and the neighbors who hs a big dog that he always wants to play with. Little punk is digging out. So i have to go try to fix that. His poop pile has been piling up since it has been snowing so i need to get out there anyway. We are suppose to have 50 degree weather the next couple of days so i figure it's a good time to do all that. I have no classes on monday thank goodness. Anyway, i have to go check on Lilly. I was letting her cry it out and it may have worked cause she is pretty quite in there. I'm going to go take a look.

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