Thursday, January 29, 2009

Im out of school today..

Yep no school today. It's the one day i don't have school and i'm glad. I didn't do so well on the last test. I made a C. WEll, I made an 82 but in nursing school b's start at 83.. so i missed a B by 1 point. When i got done with the test i called allan and told him that i didn't even think i passed it. I would not of be suprised to see a D in all honesty.
Anyway, i have to go do some running around today. Lilly or someone broke the cord to the camera.So i have to go search out another one so i can download pictures. .. Actually i was just so smart lol and figured out that i had a memory disk in the camera and can download from there so i don't even need the dumb cord.. oh wait.. yes i do cause that's how i charge it. CRAP!!! so yeah off to do some running around to get a cord. I also need some groceries for the house. I'm going to try to make some meatloaf either today or tomorrow. I like meatloaf strangely. I have never attempted to make one from scratch though. It seems fairly easy as long as it cooks thru. Anyway i added the pic's of the truck now that i figured out how to download them .. lol The other pictures were of the snow we have gotten. It was a ton of it. The one of lilly pad running around in her diaperoo..

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