Sunday, January 4, 2009

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Did you see the game last night! wohoo. I meansome things could have been a little different but all in all it was a very good game i thought! I'm proud of my chargers! I wish i knew who they were playing. Either the Titans or the STeelers and neither one of those teams are too shabby. YIKES!!.. I'm kinda hoping for the titans cause i think they may be overrated. lol.. Then again the steelers.. something about them oh wasn't big ben the QB knocked out or somehting last game. I remember him being on a stretcher. So if he isn't playing that may be good for us. lol.. I don't know. I'm just hoping we can pull thru another win but either way we go those two teams are tough and it will be a challenge for sure!

GO San Diego Super Chargers!!!!

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