Saturday, August 30, 2008

relaxing day

Happy Labor day Weekend everyone. We are having a relaxing day. Liz and maddie stopped by this morning. It was good to see the girls. Mom and i went yardsaling with lilly. We didn't find much but we pulled up to one that was across the street from our friends muffy and jason's parents house. They happened to be over there so i knocked on the door and they were suprised to see me at their mom's house. lol.. But we visited for a few minutes and decided we should have a bar-b-q this afternoon. Muffy called and said she got happy inviting people so would i care to have it over there. Absoluetly not. YOu mean i don't have to clean up or cook.. lol. I'm bringing the side dishes and some beers i think. Mom and lilly are coming to cause it's open for everyone.
So we came home and are doing some laundry and still trying to figure out how to lower the side on lilly's crib. I have always just reached over and put her in but we have to lower the bottom of the crib now cause she can pull herself up to a standing position in it if she is sitting up sooooo.. we don't want her to fall out. The problem is i'm not tall enough to reach her when it's lowered so i need to be able to pull the side rail down and for some reason ours doesn't want to pen up. So we are working on that today. Allan ran to the gym. Lilly is eating a dum dum beside me and is about to get thrown in the bathtub when she is done with it. I know i know i posted pictures of her eating cookies and dum dums. You guys probably think she never gets any good food. lol. I swear she does. This kid puts food away. I have moved to those gerber graduates. We still do the stage 2 baby food jars but we are also giving her the little gerber meals. She can eat about half of one so i pour it in a bowl heat it up and save the rest for the next sitting. She likes it and i like that they have actual veggies in it. I mean you can tell what the veggies are. peas look like peas carrots look like carrots.
So anyway i have to go get her ready for the bar-b-q and then run to the store. I"m cutting it close. It's 115 and the thing is at 3. Yikes. See you all! Have fun this weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2008

LIlly's first cookie

This was lilly's first oreo. She loved it.. If you look carefully you might be able to see the two teeth that are coming in on the bottom. lol

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well i went to school yesterday. It was a pretty easy first day. Lots of info but i thought i had to be there from 8- 5 and i was only there from 8-11am. I got a locker so i don't have to tote all those books around. Thank goodness. There are only like 30 lockers or something and 65 nursing students so i made sure to go on my first break and get one. YEah i got one!!!
I had homework but i didn't end up having school on tuesday like i'm suppose to. I guess we have to go to orientation for the lab before we have any lab classes so that's why. Tomorrow is the orientation so next week will be the normal schedule.
I went to the farmer's market again with my friend nicole. We got a cantelope, sweet corn, tomatoes, and some cucumbers. Allan is home tonight. He has been home most of this week. He is watching the roast of bob saget. Mom is downstairs in her room watching a movie, and lilly dilly bar is fast asleep. She has been fighting going to sleep but she plays with her bears for a few minutes cries for about 5 minutes and then plays with the bears again. SHe figures out no one is coming in there and then gives it up. lol.. She didn't wake up at all last night. Well she went down at 8 woke back up at 930-10 and then was out for the rest of the night.
I"m going to go soak in a long hot bath cause i need some down time so good night all!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm stressed!

Yep it's official. I have butterflies in my belly about starting school tomorrow. It just doesn't seem like it can be real. lol.. I just don't think i will be 100% ready ever though. I'm breaking in my shoes, reading the last 100 pages of the assigned reading today, trying to find a bag big enough to carry all of these books, hmm what else. TONSSSSS....
Lilly didn't sleep good last night either. She just fights it for as long as she can. she slept in our bed for an hour or two and then my arm fell asleep so i tried moving her back to her crib.. yeah didn't work! she was awake and wanting to play. I just can't do it anymore especially with school starting. So she had to go in her crib and cry for a while. I was wondering just how long she would cry. I've heard kids crying for like an hour or 2 and the parents just enduring or checking on them. I was scared. lol She cried for maybe 10 minutes but then she would ger quite and i would think i needed to check on her and she would make a noise. I think she was in there talking to her bears. Then she would cry for another minute or two and then talk to her bears again. It was funny. So i don't know if i fell asleep first or if she did but it went okay. WE were both tired though because that was goign on at 4 am. So we slept in really late today. She slept in till 9 and i slept in till 10 which is unheard of. I can't remember the last timie i slept in that late. Ridiculous. I felt like half my day was gone. So i've been running around and sending people on errands and reading my stinky books. lol...
Allan is back from the store so i have to go check the list i gave him and see if he got it straight. lol

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Teething Babies..

Yep she has teeth coming thru. She still wont let me see them to tell if they have broken thru but i think they are poking thru just the slightest bit. She is really happy all day long it's the nights that were rough but last night i decided to be prepared before bed. I gave her a nice warm bath, put on comfy jammie's, took her for a stroll, then i loaded her up. I gave her tylenol, oragel (night time formula), two teething tablets, and cleaned her nose out so she could breathe better. She slept from 9pm- 330am and when she did wake up it was just long enough to stick a bottle in her mouth and she fell asleep again. She woke up at 530 doing the same thing. Bottle and back to sleep. We didn't get up till 8 am. So i'm keeping my fingers crossed but i'm hoping when these teeth come in that she might go back to sleeping all thru the night again.
There was a toy that she just loves over at maddie and jake's house. It's a toy i think he got for christmas or sometime but lilly just sits in front of it and plays..So i got her one today from once upon a child. SHe deserves a toy for her first two teeth. lol.. here is a picture.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

quick post..

I figured out why lilly has been so whinny and not sleeping. DUHHH she has i think two teeth coming in. Yep i felt her little gumms and i guess i hadn't in a a while cause she has at least one but i think i feel two coming thru the gumms. They aren't in yet but you can feel their little pokeyness. lol..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

lilly still has a cold

Yep lilly still has a runny nose. poor girl. She didn't want to sleep at all last night because she can't take her bottle cause she can't breathe out of her nose. She was exhausting. Today we got a bed for aaron down in his room. We finished the carpet in both rooms i need to take pictures and put them up of the rooms. We need to put in closets and do trim work but they look pretty good without it. I'm just happy to have them done. Aaron is down in his room watching a movie and mom is going to her's to watch a movie in a minute and allan will be home in the next hour so the house i so quite. lol..
I need to read my chapters in my nursing book but i guess i'm going to wait until the weekend so that it will all be fresh in my mind on monday when i start school. I'm going to try and get down to sandy and wade's house on thursday. I need to take them their table back and drop of wade's b-day present and i picked up some green tomatoes at the farmers market that i thought sandy might like for fried green maters. lol.. We will see if they are any good or not.
Lilly is down for a the night hopefully so i'm going to go get a bath and get ready for bed myself. I have to get every minute i can right now. She's a tough cookie to handle right now with this cold she has. boo..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Babies are Us!!!

congrats to allan's aunt who just announced she is pregnant! Please keep her growing family in your prayers and may god bless her pregnancy. I guess i never posted a congrats to liz allan's sister on the blog either so i'll do that too.. Congrats liz for being pregnant with your third child. We are glad to hear your pregnancy is going well this far and we will keep praying for your continued health. ;-)

oh i love babies. I'm so glad there will be even more around. I'm even more glad that they aren't mine yet. lol.. i want more just not yet. wheeww lilly keeps my hands full but you girls are impressive! Yeah babies!!!


I'm so glad it's finally friday. I don't know why but i'm ready for the weekend. lol. We have alot going on this weekend with birthday parties and weddings but it should be fun. This morning i went and bought carissa her wedding present from bed bath and beyond. That store is so fun to look through. I also bought some window curtains for the rooms downstairs. You could see into our basement from the street before which was fine cause there was only a laundry area down there but now that people are going to have rooms down there we need to cover the windows. I was guessing at the store on the length of the windows. I got it pretty close. Close enough that it will work just fine for the time being anyway. Mom loved the one i got for her room. It's plain and white but has some pretty work on the end of it.

Lilly is out like a light right now. She once again woke up at midnight trying to scare me. lol.. It's so cute i can't really get mad. I was up watching the end of the girls gymnastics anyway. Go AMERICA!!! we won the gold and silver!! whoohoo.. Go Girls Go!

I'm hoping since lilly is taking such a good nap right now that she will be happy and perky tonight when sandy and wade come up. She hasn't seen them since she was 3 months old i think?? She is so cute when she is playing and flirting and trying to scare you.. Hopefully she will be in a playful mood cause when she's good she is very very good and when she's bad... wellshe is a nightmare child.. haha.

Allan won't be home till way late tonight maybe even tomorrow morning. He was waiting on parts that should have gotten there by now but then he has to put them in and still drive home and he is about 6 hours away i think?? up in montana.

Anyway I'm off to see what else i can get done. I need to scrub the floors so bad but it's rainy outside and there doesn't seem to be any point to cleaning them when it's nasty outside. Buddah and everyone else track in all kinds of junk!

OHHHH Happy Birthday Jake!!! Your finally 1. YOu big Boy!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today i had three furnace people come and give me quotes. They are all around the same ballpark. It kind of depends on which kind we want and what efficiency we would like. I'm thinking base model 80% eff. just because we aren't planning on living in this house for the rest of our lives. We can get one of those or a medium model for a decent price..

I was exhausted all day cause lilly woke up in the middle of the night wide awake and then still woke up every hour. I think it's the anitbiotics messing with her or something.. She has learned a new trick. lol.. She tries to scare you or her toys. She jumps like she has a chill and makes a loud noise. I don't know how to explain it by writing it but it's like you would do if you tried to scare her. lol.. Anyway she was doing it a little bit yesterday and we kept trying to get her to do it to show allan.. well she wouldn't of course. So last night she woke up at midnight wide awake and i went to give her her bottle and can you guess what she was doing.. yep trying to get me over and over making those big noises and laughing.. Stinker!! Really at midnight is when you want to try it again huh? She is taking a nap right now cause she got so mad she had a total melt down because i didn't want to walk with her a million times.

My kitchen table got here today. I love it. It's a little squashed in here right now but eventually when i move the desk down stairs it will look very pretty in here. I'm going to try to take some more pictures of the swing, rooms , table and front door soon and put them up so you all have a clue what i'm talking about..

I started my chapters in my nursing book. I read part of the first one but i have 2 more to go. The first one was all about charting. Didn't seem that bad execpt there is so many different types of charting. I'm wondering which one we will be doing the most of. I'd like to concentrate on that one but.. i guess i'll have to wait and see.

Okay so i'm off to see what is happening on the olympics. Today is my rest day. I've just been pushing to hard and with no sleep last night I had to take a break. Mom tried ot let me have a nap but it didn't last long cause the furnace guy showed up right then. lol..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday plans

Well Lilly's hand is doing a bit better. It has went down this morning. It's still swollen but not nearly as bad. It still doesn't seem to be bothering her. However, the anitbiotics seem to not be treating her so nice. She keeps getting a stuffy nose, which makes it hard for her to drink her bottle, which in turn makes it hard for her to nap cause she is use to taking her bottle in the crib and falling asleep with it. I always sneak in and get it out of her mouth after she falls asleep. lol..
We painted the rooms in the basement. One is lite purple and the other is tan. I don't think i love the colors but it's such work painting I have given up and called it good. I need to put one more coat of tan on and i'll be done painting in there. Next step is flooring but that is going to wait till we get paid on friday. ;-)

I have three chapters that i need to read in my nursing book befoe classes even start on the 25th. YUCKO.. I'm trying to get these two rooms done by this weekend so that I can have all next week to read my chapters and then the weekend to relax totally!!! I need a break again. haha. We have been busting our butts around here.

We are going to the farmers market tonight downtown. I forgot what it was that i wanted to buy but i'm sure i'll know it when i see it.. haha. Isn't that the way it works alot of the time. lol. I have to run to wally world when lilly get sup from her nap. I"m hoping allan will be home by then so that i can just go without loading her up. I need milk and cereal and a few other bare neccesities or i wouldn't even bother. I'm so not in the mood to go to walmart. On top of painting i did a little weeding today and dumped a left over bag of mulch on the flower beds even though nothing is blooming in the back right now. I was suprised to see my redpepper flower coming back to life. I planted about 6 of them but it kept snowing on them and killed them i thought. Suprisingly 2 have came back to life. Yeah..
okay i'm going to sit on the couch for a minute. I need a breather. lol...

Monday, August 11, 2008

lilly is ok

She has to take antibiotics for 10 days, three times a day but the doctor thought it might be a strep infaction of some kind. she hated the first dose. I'm hoping the second one goes better. She has no fever so i guess that is good?.

LILLY Update

We woke up this morning and i was playing with lilly and noticed that her right hand was swollen. I"m not sure what is going on with it so i'm going to call the doctor when they open after 9. It doesn't seem to be hurting her at all cause she will let me touch it and even squeeze it a little and she won't cry or anything. She doesn't act like it is bothering her at all. She is using it and everythign but it looks horrible. I think it has went down a bit in the last hour but it's still way bigger than her left hand.I'm thinking she may of jammed a finger or something. ONe finger is pretty purple too.. I don't know what is going on with it. There is a tiny cut on that finger too which makes me think it could be infected and that's the real reason i want to have it looked at. Just in case...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Work/ Fun

Well today we spent the day working hard. Allan doesn't get many weekends off so we have had to take advantage of it. We got the swing up. We started on it yesterday and filled the concert in today, so it is up after months of waiting. ;-)
I primed the 4 walls of drywall in the basement rooms. Milk came over to fix the cracking that was going on in the corners of the concrete walls so i'm waiting on that. He is doing it right this time so it's taking a while to dry. He is using something like durabond or something like that.. Anyway I will probably go buy the paint tomorrow. I need to finish priming the ceilings. That is some tough arm workout though. lol.. Allan put up a flourecent light in the garage over his workbench and put in both lights in the rooms downstairs today. Mom did loads and loads of laundry. ( thanks mom) Aaron.. hmm.. what did he do? lol.. Well tomorrow he goes in for his oreintation for his new job. He is nervous and excited all at once. You can tell.
Aaron and I went to Bingo tonight. MOm and I were suppose to go out for a girls night but she was tired and wanted some alone time. So she hung out at the house and aaron and I went out instead. It turned out to be worth it. Between us we bingo'd 5 times. He won 130 bucks and I won 275. WooHOo.So yes i'm off to buy my paint and some doors tomorrow with my winnings. I seem to always buy stuff for the house when i win. Which i guess is good at least i can see what my winnings bought us. lol..

Yes my dear sweet girl is becoming quite a pill. She is obsessed with walking. I'm glad she wants to walk and i will be stoked when she learns how but she can't crawl and has no desire to try. She only wants to sit, stand up holding on and walk everywhere holding people's fingers. You can walk her across the yard 5 times and then go to sit down and she will have an all out fit. I mean crying and bouncing up and down and throwing her little body around. She wants to walk so bad she just can't ge the balance thing down. She was taking one big step with her foot and then a iny one with the other.. well that has stopped. She walks quite well holding on she just can't do it by herself and she gets so mad. lol.. I'm not sure what to do with her except break my back bending over to walk with her till she gets it. I just didn't think she would be trying till a few months from now. I thought she would be crawling soon ... ???

okay i'm off to bed. I'm exhausted.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend Updates

Well updateon the basement is that it was finished and then i went down there today and found it cracking in the corners. The mudd was to think in the corners and so we had to call milk back and have him come back over. He said he will be here tomorrow morning and fix it. He said he was alittle worried about that and glad that i called. So after he fixes that we will start thinking about painting and what not.

We watched the opening ceremony last night. It was fascinating i thought. The budget for that had to be huge. I think they said ten times the budget they had for athens.

Allan and I had a night to ourselves. We both really needed alone time and just some fun time. Mom kept encrouaging me to take advantage of her being here. So we checked into the c'mon Inn here in town. Taht place was neat. they had 5 hottubs and a big pool. So we went out to dinner and had an overnight date night. We couldn't really go out of town because allan was still on call but we pretended that we were on vacation. I fell asleep and didn't wake up all night long! I woke up at 730 am and just couldn't believe it. lol.. It's only been like 7 months. haha.

So this morning we went and did some yardsaling and we ran into nolan and liz. They had the kids with them so it was cute seeing maddie and jake. Jake looks real good. Healing well i suppose. Happy little guy. ;o)

We also went to the farmer's market and when we got home me and mom went to the grocery store and loaded up. Made tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. The boys are putting in the swing finally. I'm excited about that. It's looking pretty good. The back yard has such hard soil they had to get the water hose out and soften it a bit and even with that they are having some difficulty digging for the posts. Mom and I went to the odds and ends store down the block. It was the first time i went there and i was so suprised. They had all kinds of pretty furniture for decent prices. Well we both fell in love with this dining room table. We don't have a spot for it yet but as soon as we finish the family room in the basement this big computer table will go down there and then i'll have a spot for my dinning room finally! I have dreamed forever of having meals around the table with my family. We kind of all sit anywhere we can find a spot. While emma was here i made three seats at the table so that she would get the idea we ate as a family. Anyway we fell in love with the table and ended up buying it. It came with four chairs. I'll have to take a picture when they deliver it on wed. I'll have to post pics of the new swing too..

I'm going to go take a nap while lilly is. I probably wont' take a nap since i got so much sleep last night but i'm going to stretch out and relax. I have lilly duty tonight. Mom and aaron will go see a movie i think and Allan is going to go watch the UFC fight with his buddies.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fun day

Today Milk is suppose to finish our basement. He is spraying on the texture for the walls which shouldn't take but a few minutes. He said it's simple with a sprayer. So my fun part is about to start. I have to decide on some flooring. I keep going back and forth. I just want something cheap that can go with any color. I like hardwood cause it goes with anything but of course we aren't putting in hardwood. I've been looking at the linoleum's.. (i know i spelled that wrong. lol) I like some of them and i figure we can always put a rug down in the rooms. However, i want to put in tile in the family room that is going to be down there and i don't think that the kind of linoleum's i like ( the ones that look like natural rock) will look well with the tile. I want to go see if i can find and wood looking ones that don't look totally cheapo. I'm a little stumped on what to do down there. lol.. the colors i like for the rooms will go better with a wood type floor than with the rock.. oh who knows what we will do. i want to pick out flooring before we pick out paint but the rooms will be ready to go after today. so i need to decide pretty fast.

Aaron is walking Lilly around the living room right now. She is holding on to the laundry basket. It's funny cause one minute she holds on for dear life and the next she forgets and lets go so you have to be there for her so she can smack her little peanut head pretty bad. She slept in till 815 this morning. It was nice but i didn't sleep in i was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am.

Allan came home last night at 8pm and I'm hoping he will have this weekend off. I don't know and neither does he, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. lol. Allan worked 163 hours in the last two weeks. Anyone else think it's a little ridiculous? It wouldn't of been that much but he gets paid for time on the road and sometimes when he is driving home it's really late..

Anyway we don't have any plans this weekend. We went ot home depot and got the rest of the things we need to put our swing up in the backyard. We had to buy a post hole digger. lol.. so if allan is home this weekend he is going to put the swing up and i think that's the only chore we will do. I say that and then we get into some sort of huge project always. haha.. I really just want him to relax though. He has been working so much and so hard lately. I think it's beginning to show on him too. He seems really tired and a little grouchy. He needs some days to recoup.

Anyway I'm off to get my chores done before he comes home today. ( hopefully)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

here is a new pic of lillybug!

here is a pic of lilly and a pic of the work going on in the basement. I don't have time to write but i will later on.. oh booked the tickets for emma so she is offically coming for thanksgiving.. yeah!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

haha two days in a row!

Okay this one is a short one. Allan just got in from work at 15 till 10pm. exhausting. Lilly stayed up late tonight. She was up till 915pm. That;s late for her. She got a new little stroller now that she can sit up and she likes to go for walks. lol.. The big stroller is still great but we needed a little dinky one just for going around the neighborhood on walks. One that my mom can work. lol.
The basement has walls. I'm going to go take pictures down there to get some before and after. i should of done it before the walls went up but whatever..
Anyway I told allan i had a suprise for him today. When he got home i told him that emma is going to come for thanksgiving. YEah..!! we weren't suppose to see her again till next summer but that's so long. Jennifer agreed that it was too long and so we worked on it together and EMma is oging to fly alone so say a little prayer for her safe flight when it comes time. She has flown a few times and does well and it's a hour and 45 min nonstop flight so her mom will put her on the plane and i take her off. SHe should be fine but it's still nerveracking. But the tickets were outrageous and it would of cost over 1100 to have someone fly with her both ways. She is old enough according to the airlines to do it so we will see how it goes. I'm going to try to call and book her flight tomorrow. Liz has said they are going to ND for thanksgiving so i called sandy today to see what their plans were. They said we are going to have it down there. That suits us just fine. With lilly and going to get emma in Denver i wouldn't have much time to put on a big shindig anyway. lol.. WE could do it if we had too but i'd rather just be in charge of bringing a dish or something lol..
okay i'm off to bed I'm so sleepy

Monday, August 4, 2008

Okay I'm a slacker on the blogging

Yes it has been nearly a week since i wrote anything on here. I've been so busy.With what i can't even tell you. lol. The basement is coming along slowly. The framing is up the electrical part is done and the insulation for the ceiling is done too. The guy came today and put up most of the drywall for one of the bedrroms ceilings and he said it will be done by this week. I think it may be done by the end of next week.. lol.. Even when they get the walls and stuff done that's when my work begins. We have to do flooring and then painting it all too. woooo..
I also went to the college today and got a physical and one shot. I have to go back on wed to have the shot read and get another one at that time. A hepatitis one is the one i have to get on wed.
Allan was home today so we grilled out and had a nice night. I picked out the lights for downstairs. We sat outside for a long time swinging and hanging out. It was very relaxing. I needed it because not only did i get my shots i also shelled out the 820.00 bucks for books today. I came in with three bag loads of books. YUCKKKK. I think each bag weighed at least 50 lbs. They had to double bag them and i had to make 2 trips to get them in the car. I have no idea how i'm going to lug them to class when it starts. I literaly need a wagon. lol They won't fit in any backpack that's for sure. Lilly wants to walk. She thinks she is going to skip the crawling stage. She wants to hold on to everyone's hands and walk. she is funny. one foot takes big huge steps but the other one just takes little ones and steps on ethe first foot. She doesn't want to crawl though. Put her on her belly and she gets mad after a few seconds. I don't know how she will ever learn to crawl. Can kids go straight to walking? lol.. I don't really know.
Anyway it's quite here and i need to go to bed.
Please keep our nephew jake in your prayers tomorrow. He is headed in for a surgery in the early morning.