Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fun day

Today Milk is suppose to finish our basement. He is spraying on the texture for the walls which shouldn't take but a few minutes. He said it's simple with a sprayer. So my fun part is about to start. I have to decide on some flooring. I keep going back and forth. I just want something cheap that can go with any color. I like hardwood cause it goes with anything but of course we aren't putting in hardwood. I've been looking at the linoleum's.. (i know i spelled that wrong. lol) I like some of them and i figure we can always put a rug down in the rooms. However, i want to put in tile in the family room that is going to be down there and i don't think that the kind of linoleum's i like ( the ones that look like natural rock) will look well with the tile. I want to go see if i can find and wood looking ones that don't look totally cheapo. I'm a little stumped on what to do down there. lol.. the colors i like for the rooms will go better with a wood type floor than with the rock.. oh who knows what we will do. i want to pick out flooring before we pick out paint but the rooms will be ready to go after today. so i need to decide pretty fast.

Aaron is walking Lilly around the living room right now. She is holding on to the laundry basket. It's funny cause one minute she holds on for dear life and the next she forgets and lets go so you have to be there for her so she can smack her little peanut head pretty bad. She slept in till 815 this morning. It was nice but i didn't sleep in i was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am.

Allan came home last night at 8pm and I'm hoping he will have this weekend off. I don't know and neither does he, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. lol. Allan worked 163 hours in the last two weeks. Anyone else think it's a little ridiculous? It wouldn't of been that much but he gets paid for time on the road and sometimes when he is driving home it's really late..

Anyway we don't have any plans this weekend. We went ot home depot and got the rest of the things we need to put our swing up in the backyard. We had to buy a post hole digger. lol.. so if allan is home this weekend he is going to put the swing up and i think that's the only chore we will do. I say that and then we get into some sort of huge project always. haha.. I really just want him to relax though. He has been working so much and so hard lately. I think it's beginning to show on him too. He seems really tired and a little grouchy. He needs some days to recoup.

Anyway I'm off to get my chores done before he comes home today. ( hopefully)

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