Tuesday, August 5, 2008

haha two days in a row!

Okay this one is a short one. Allan just got in from work at 15 till 10pm. exhausting. Lilly stayed up late tonight. She was up till 915pm. That;s late for her. She got a new little stroller now that she can sit up and she likes to go for walks. lol.. The big stroller is still great but we needed a little dinky one just for going around the neighborhood on walks. One that my mom can work. lol.
The basement has walls. I'm going to go take pictures down there to get some before and after. i should of done it before the walls went up but whatever..
Anyway I told allan i had a suprise for him today. When he got home i told him that emma is going to come for thanksgiving. YEah..!! we weren't suppose to see her again till next summer but that's so long. Jennifer agreed that it was too long and so we worked on it together and EMma is oging to fly alone so say a little prayer for her safe flight when it comes time. She has flown a few times and does well and it's a hour and 45 min nonstop flight so her mom will put her on the plane and i take her off. SHe should be fine but it's still nerveracking. But the tickets were outrageous and it would of cost over 1100 to have someone fly with her both ways. She is old enough according to the airlines to do it so we will see how it goes. I'm going to try to call and book her flight tomorrow. Liz has said they are going to ND for thanksgiving so i called sandy today to see what their plans were. They said we are going to have it down there. That suits us just fine. With lilly and going to get emma in Denver i wouldn't have much time to put on a big shindig anyway. lol.. WE could do it if we had too but i'd rather just be in charge of bringing a dish or something lol..
okay i'm off to bed I'm so sleepy


Jennifer said...

Was Allan surprised?? I am not going to tell Emma just yet. I think maybe I will let Allan tell her when he calls next.

thekeyes said...

yeah he was suprised. I'm going to book the tickets in a few minutes i'll send you the confirmation when i get it. ;-)
I"m excited to see miss emma again!