Saturday, August 30, 2008

relaxing day

Happy Labor day Weekend everyone. We are having a relaxing day. Liz and maddie stopped by this morning. It was good to see the girls. Mom and i went yardsaling with lilly. We didn't find much but we pulled up to one that was across the street from our friends muffy and jason's parents house. They happened to be over there so i knocked on the door and they were suprised to see me at their mom's house. lol.. But we visited for a few minutes and decided we should have a bar-b-q this afternoon. Muffy called and said she got happy inviting people so would i care to have it over there. Absoluetly not. YOu mean i don't have to clean up or cook.. lol. I'm bringing the side dishes and some beers i think. Mom and lilly are coming to cause it's open for everyone.
So we came home and are doing some laundry and still trying to figure out how to lower the side on lilly's crib. I have always just reached over and put her in but we have to lower the bottom of the crib now cause she can pull herself up to a standing position in it if she is sitting up sooooo.. we don't want her to fall out. The problem is i'm not tall enough to reach her when it's lowered so i need to be able to pull the side rail down and for some reason ours doesn't want to pen up. So we are working on that today. Allan ran to the gym. Lilly is eating a dum dum beside me and is about to get thrown in the bathtub when she is done with it. I know i know i posted pictures of her eating cookies and dum dums. You guys probably think she never gets any good food. lol. I swear she does. This kid puts food away. I have moved to those gerber graduates. We still do the stage 2 baby food jars but we are also giving her the little gerber meals. She can eat about half of one so i pour it in a bowl heat it up and save the rest for the next sitting. She likes it and i like that they have actual veggies in it. I mean you can tell what the veggies are. peas look like peas carrots look like carrots.
So anyway i have to go get her ready for the bar-b-q and then run to the store. I"m cutting it close. It's 115 and the thing is at 3. Yikes. See you all! Have fun this weekend!

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