Thursday, August 21, 2008

Teething Babies..

Yep she has teeth coming thru. She still wont let me see them to tell if they have broken thru but i think they are poking thru just the slightest bit. She is really happy all day long it's the nights that were rough but last night i decided to be prepared before bed. I gave her a nice warm bath, put on comfy jammie's, took her for a stroll, then i loaded her up. I gave her tylenol, oragel (night time formula), two teething tablets, and cleaned her nose out so she could breathe better. She slept from 9pm- 330am and when she did wake up it was just long enough to stick a bottle in her mouth and she fell asleep again. She woke up at 530 doing the same thing. Bottle and back to sleep. We didn't get up till 8 am. So i'm keeping my fingers crossed but i'm hoping when these teeth come in that she might go back to sleeping all thru the night again.
There was a toy that she just loves over at maddie and jake's house. It's a toy i think he got for christmas or sometime but lilly just sits in front of it and plays..So i got her one today from once upon a child. SHe deserves a toy for her first two teeth. lol.. here is a picture.

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