Tuesday, August 19, 2008

lilly still has a cold

Yep lilly still has a runny nose. poor girl. She didn't want to sleep at all last night because she can't take her bottle cause she can't breathe out of her nose. She was exhausting. Today we got a bed for aaron down in his room. We finished the carpet in both rooms i need to take pictures and put them up of the rooms. We need to put in closets and do trim work but they look pretty good without it. I'm just happy to have them done. Aaron is down in his room watching a movie and mom is going to her's to watch a movie in a minute and allan will be home in the next hour so the house i so quite. lol..
I need to read my chapters in my nursing book but i guess i'm going to wait until the weekend so that it will all be fresh in my mind on monday when i start school. I'm going to try and get down to sandy and wade's house on thursday. I need to take them their table back and drop of wade's b-day present and i picked up some green tomatoes at the farmers market that i thought sandy might like for fried green maters. lol.. We will see if they are any good or not.
Lilly is down for a the night hopefully so i'm going to go get a bath and get ready for bed myself. I have to get every minute i can right now. She's a tough cookie to handle right now with this cold she has. boo..

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