Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well i went to school yesterday. It was a pretty easy first day. Lots of info but i thought i had to be there from 8- 5 and i was only there from 8-11am. I got a locker so i don't have to tote all those books around. Thank goodness. There are only like 30 lockers or something and 65 nursing students so i made sure to go on my first break and get one. YEah i got one!!!
I had homework but i didn't end up having school on tuesday like i'm suppose to. I guess we have to go to orientation for the lab before we have any lab classes so that's why. Tomorrow is the orientation so next week will be the normal schedule.
I went to the farmer's market again with my friend nicole. We got a cantelope, sweet corn, tomatoes, and some cucumbers. Allan is home tonight. He has been home most of this week. He is watching the roast of bob saget. Mom is downstairs in her room watching a movie, and lilly dilly bar is fast asleep. She has been fighting going to sleep but she plays with her bears for a few minutes cries for about 5 minutes and then plays with the bears again. SHe figures out no one is coming in there and then gives it up. lol.. She didn't wake up at all last night. Well she went down at 8 woke back up at 930-10 and then was out for the rest of the night.
I"m going to go soak in a long hot bath cause i need some down time so good night all!

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