Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday plans

Well Lilly's hand is doing a bit better. It has went down this morning. It's still swollen but not nearly as bad. It still doesn't seem to be bothering her. However, the anitbiotics seem to not be treating her so nice. She keeps getting a stuffy nose, which makes it hard for her to drink her bottle, which in turn makes it hard for her to nap cause she is use to taking her bottle in the crib and falling asleep with it. I always sneak in and get it out of her mouth after she falls asleep. lol..
We painted the rooms in the basement. One is lite purple and the other is tan. I don't think i love the colors but it's such work painting I have given up and called it good. I need to put one more coat of tan on and i'll be done painting in there. Next step is flooring but that is going to wait till we get paid on friday. ;-)

I have three chapters that i need to read in my nursing book befoe classes even start on the 25th. YUCKO.. I'm trying to get these two rooms done by this weekend so that I can have all next week to read my chapters and then the weekend to relax totally!!! I need a break again. haha. We have been busting our butts around here.

We are going to the farmers market tonight downtown. I forgot what it was that i wanted to buy but i'm sure i'll know it when i see it.. haha. Isn't that the way it works alot of the time. lol. I have to run to wally world when lilly get sup from her nap. I"m hoping allan will be home by then so that i can just go without loading her up. I need milk and cereal and a few other bare neccesities or i wouldn't even bother. I'm so not in the mood to go to walmart. On top of painting i did a little weeding today and dumped a left over bag of mulch on the flower beds even though nothing is blooming in the back right now. I was suprised to see my redpepper flower coming back to life. I planted about 6 of them but it kept snowing on them and killed them i thought. Suprisingly 2 have came back to life. Yeah..
okay i'm going to sit on the couch for a minute. I need a breather. lol...

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