Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today i had three furnace people come and give me quotes. They are all around the same ballpark. It kind of depends on which kind we want and what efficiency we would like. I'm thinking base model 80% eff. just because we aren't planning on living in this house for the rest of our lives. We can get one of those or a medium model for a decent price..

I was exhausted all day cause lilly woke up in the middle of the night wide awake and then still woke up every hour. I think it's the anitbiotics messing with her or something.. She has learned a new trick. lol.. She tries to scare you or her toys. She jumps like she has a chill and makes a loud noise. I don't know how to explain it by writing it but it's like you would do if you tried to scare her. lol.. Anyway she was doing it a little bit yesterday and we kept trying to get her to do it to show allan.. well she wouldn't of course. So last night she woke up at midnight wide awake and i went to give her her bottle and can you guess what she was doing.. yep trying to get me over and over making those big noises and laughing.. Stinker!! Really at midnight is when you want to try it again huh? She is taking a nap right now cause she got so mad she had a total melt down because i didn't want to walk with her a million times.

My kitchen table got here today. I love it. It's a little squashed in here right now but eventually when i move the desk down stairs it will look very pretty in here. I'm going to try to take some more pictures of the swing, rooms , table and front door soon and put them up so you all have a clue what i'm talking about..

I started my chapters in my nursing book. I read part of the first one but i have 2 more to go. The first one was all about charting. Didn't seem that bad execpt there is so many different types of charting. I'm wondering which one we will be doing the most of. I'd like to concentrate on that one but.. i guess i'll have to wait and see.

Okay so i'm off to see what is happening on the olympics. Today is my rest day. I've just been pushing to hard and with no sleep last night I had to take a break. Mom tried ot let me have a nap but it didn't last long cause the furnace guy showed up right then. lol..

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