Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm so glad it's finally friday. I don't know why but i'm ready for the weekend. lol. We have alot going on this weekend with birthday parties and weddings but it should be fun. This morning i went and bought carissa her wedding present from bed bath and beyond. That store is so fun to look through. I also bought some window curtains for the rooms downstairs. You could see into our basement from the street before which was fine cause there was only a laundry area down there but now that people are going to have rooms down there we need to cover the windows. I was guessing at the store on the length of the windows. I got it pretty close. Close enough that it will work just fine for the time being anyway. Mom loved the one i got for her room. It's plain and white but has some pretty work on the end of it.

Lilly is out like a light right now. She once again woke up at midnight trying to scare me. lol.. It's so cute i can't really get mad. I was up watching the end of the girls gymnastics anyway. Go AMERICA!!! we won the gold and silver!! whoohoo.. Go Girls Go!

I'm hoping since lilly is taking such a good nap right now that she will be happy and perky tonight when sandy and wade come up. She hasn't seen them since she was 3 months old i think?? She is so cute when she is playing and flirting and trying to scare you.. Hopefully she will be in a playful mood cause when she's good she is very very good and when she's bad... wellshe is a nightmare child.. haha.

Allan won't be home till way late tonight maybe even tomorrow morning. He was waiting on parts that should have gotten there by now but then he has to put them in and still drive home and he is about 6 hours away i think?? up in montana.

Anyway I'm off to see what else i can get done. I need to scrub the floors so bad but it's rainy outside and there doesn't seem to be any point to cleaning them when it's nasty outside. Buddah and everyone else track in all kinds of junk!

OHHHH Happy Birthday Jake!!! Your finally 1. YOu big Boy!!

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