Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend Updates

Well updateon the basement is that it was finished and then i went down there today and found it cracking in the corners. The mudd was to think in the corners and so we had to call milk back and have him come back over. He said he will be here tomorrow morning and fix it. He said he was alittle worried about that and glad that i called. So after he fixes that we will start thinking about painting and what not.

We watched the opening ceremony last night. It was fascinating i thought. The budget for that had to be huge. I think they said ten times the budget they had for athens.

Allan and I had a night to ourselves. We both really needed alone time and just some fun time. Mom kept encrouaging me to take advantage of her being here. So we checked into the c'mon Inn here in town. Taht place was neat. they had 5 hottubs and a big pool. So we went out to dinner and had an overnight date night. We couldn't really go out of town because allan was still on call but we pretended that we were on vacation. I fell asleep and didn't wake up all night long! I woke up at 730 am and just couldn't believe it. lol.. It's only been like 7 months. haha.

So this morning we went and did some yardsaling and we ran into nolan and liz. They had the kids with them so it was cute seeing maddie and jake. Jake looks real good. Healing well i suppose. Happy little guy. ;o)

We also went to the farmer's market and when we got home me and mom went to the grocery store and loaded up. Made tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. The boys are putting in the swing finally. I'm excited about that. It's looking pretty good. The back yard has such hard soil they had to get the water hose out and soften it a bit and even with that they are having some difficulty digging for the posts. Mom and I went to the odds and ends store down the block. It was the first time i went there and i was so suprised. They had all kinds of pretty furniture for decent prices. Well we both fell in love with this dining room table. We don't have a spot for it yet but as soon as we finish the family room in the basement this big computer table will go down there and then i'll have a spot for my dinning room finally! I have dreamed forever of having meals around the table with my family. We kind of all sit anywhere we can find a spot. While emma was here i made three seats at the table so that she would get the idea we ate as a family. Anyway we fell in love with the table and ended up buying it. It came with four chairs. I'll have to take a picture when they deliver it on wed. I'll have to post pics of the new swing too..

I'm going to go take a nap while lilly is. I probably wont' take a nap since i got so much sleep last night but i'm going to stretch out and relax. I have lilly duty tonight. Mom and aaron will go see a movie i think and Allan is going to go watch the UFC fight with his buddies.

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