Sunday, August 10, 2008

Work/ Fun

Well today we spent the day working hard. Allan doesn't get many weekends off so we have had to take advantage of it. We got the swing up. We started on it yesterday and filled the concert in today, so it is up after months of waiting. ;-)
I primed the 4 walls of drywall in the basement rooms. Milk came over to fix the cracking that was going on in the corners of the concrete walls so i'm waiting on that. He is doing it right this time so it's taking a while to dry. He is using something like durabond or something like that.. Anyway I will probably go buy the paint tomorrow. I need to finish priming the ceilings. That is some tough arm workout though. lol.. Allan put up a flourecent light in the garage over his workbench and put in both lights in the rooms downstairs today. Mom did loads and loads of laundry. ( thanks mom) Aaron.. hmm.. what did he do? lol.. Well tomorrow he goes in for his oreintation for his new job. He is nervous and excited all at once. You can tell.
Aaron and I went to Bingo tonight. MOm and I were suppose to go out for a girls night but she was tired and wanted some alone time. So she hung out at the house and aaron and I went out instead. It turned out to be worth it. Between us we bingo'd 5 times. He won 130 bucks and I won 275. WooHOo.So yes i'm off to buy my paint and some doors tomorrow with my winnings. I seem to always buy stuff for the house when i win. Which i guess is good at least i can see what my winnings bought us. lol..

Yes my dear sweet girl is becoming quite a pill. She is obsessed with walking. I'm glad she wants to walk and i will be stoked when she learns how but she can't crawl and has no desire to try. She only wants to sit, stand up holding on and walk everywhere holding people's fingers. You can walk her across the yard 5 times and then go to sit down and she will have an all out fit. I mean crying and bouncing up and down and throwing her little body around. She wants to walk so bad she just can't ge the balance thing down. She was taking one big step with her foot and then a iny one with the other.. well that has stopped. She walks quite well holding on she just can't do it by herself and she gets so mad. lol.. I'm not sure what to do with her except break my back bending over to walk with her till she gets it. I just didn't think she would be trying till a few months from now. I thought she would be crawling soon ... ???

okay i'm off to bed. I'm exhausted.

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