Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it spring break yet?

I'm so ready for it to be spring break. I"m just not into the class work. I don't want to study. I want to quit!lol.. Not really but i'm going thru a blah blah blah stage i guess. I think that a nice break will do just the trick. I can't wait to go to texas. We leave on the 7th and get back on the 12th. I looked up the weather and it's going to be 77 the day we get there. That's a big difference from the 30's and 40's we are having. I think we are suppose to get up to the 50's in the next few days but still 77 is warm. YEAH!!
I have to get out some spring clothes to take with me and go thru lilly's little bag and see what all she has to take. I have 18 month clothes that are for warm weather but i think they will be too big right now so i may have to go buy a few rompers or something. i did get her a little bathing suit but she has no cute dresses or outfits for warm weather that she can fit in right now. She does have t shirts and jeans so she can wear those for a couple of the days but i think we may have to do a bit of shopping. Anything to avoid the studying. lol.. Once upon a child hasn't had a visit from us in the last while so we may have to hit that up later today or tomorrow. I think mom may be going on a women's retreat with her church this weekend. Allan got called out at 4am this morning so i know he is going to be tired when he comes home today. I'm planning on having some sloppy joes made up for dinner and maybe we will watch lost and just go to bed early. I'm pretty pooped too. Lilly has been going full blast the last couple of days. She is really good about taking her naps though. ;-) She was trying to help me clean today. She was so interested in the broom and dust pan trying to hold them the right way and everything. If she gets better at it i'm going to have to give her a chore list. lol..
Anyway hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Monday, February 23, 2009

newest member

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy birthday to the newest throsrud family memeber. Good luck Liz! we are thinking and praying for you today! Hope you don't get that one nurse we talked about and that it all goes smoothly!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh i did forget the big news..

Yes we are going to texas in a few weeks. Yep mom, aaron, lilly, and I are hoping on a plane from denver to san antonio, tx. I can't wait. It's my spring break so instead of sitting here doing nothing and thinking about all the chores that i should be doing I'll be sitting on the dock at the bay. lol. YEah! My granparents house is awesome. You open their backdoor and there's the water. I plan on wearing some shorts and tank tops if it's nice enough. I really am missing my flip flops to so i guess i'll throw those in the bag too. hehe.. I need a pick me up. This wyoming winter just drags and drags onward forever. We keep talking about plans after i get out of school. We are definetly going to stay here till i'm out of school but i think after i'm done we may spread our wings a little. We both don't really love it here. So we will have to see what nursing jobs are available in the country and maybe what schools are around for allan to go to cause he wants to go back to school. I don't know we will see i guess. ANything is possible.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm studying my behind off.. and playing wii..

Yes i have taken little breaks here and there from all the studying to play the wii and we are having so much fun. Allan and I have been really close and getting along so well the last few days. Do you all ever feel that way in your marriages? It just feels like closeness again. I don't know how to describe it really. Maybe we are just concentrating on each other more the last few days.
Anyway, my studying is crazy lately. They are really cramming us before spring break. Lots of tests and just busy busy busy stuff. I did manage to squeeze a lunch with the girls in the other day. We went to the lime leaf which is that really good asain bistro. yummy and fun.
Lilly has been a terror. She is still getting those teeth in. She takes forever to get them in. She has been fun though. She has been throwing the basketball and then she does a little dance. It's cute to watch. She is still trying to crawl on everything.
I can't really think of anything else going on around here. Just the same old same old with everyone else. ;-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We got one! hehe

We bought a wii. Everyone has been playing them lately and we wanted to see what we were missing. We really aren't into video games at all, but i have to say the wii is alot of fun and they are more oriented to family games i think. They have a lot of little kid games and the ones that come with the wii are things like bowling, tennis, golf, baseball. They are really fun. Some of our friends have a wii bowling leauge for couples so we are going to practice up and maybe show up there one night. lol. I can say wholeheartedly (from a nonvideo game player) that i really enjoyed the wii. My right arm is so sore today lol. So far we haven't thrown the remote thru our tv or had any wii accidents. ;-)
i suggest a wii to everyone that would like some fun games for at home. Especially if you aren't into all the video gaming stuff. There's some really crapy things out there but i think the wii is geared towards family fun.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I have to say " Praise GOD"

Yes I'm so thankful. Lilly has been sleeping thru the night and even sleeping in. This has happened before but it was always one night then not the next. This makes 3 in a row. Yesterday she slept from 7pm till 830am. Yeah.. Today she got up at 9am when she went to bed at 930pm. It's great! I think she may be going thru a grwoing spurt. It's weird that she is sleeping so much cause she is also getting those molars on top. Her gums a slightly reddened on the bottom to so maybe even some coming down there. Even with all this good sleep she is still taking naps. She goes full throttle while she up but that's okay as long as she sleeps.! SO yes i'm one excited mama. Please pary that this will continue for us. It's been about 14 months since we had real rest at night. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a great valentines day

my husband is so good!.. We went to the swanky 303 restraunt which you had to get reservations weeks ago apparently. It was pretty good. I didn't think it was as good as everyone was talking about but it was just fun to be dressed up and out. The desert was awesome. The caught it on fire at our table. Banana foster. Yummy!!! Then we went with another couple we know to the wonder bar. Had a couple drinks and then walked to the movies. We saw Taken. It was pretty intense but i have to say that i didn'treally like it either. I really want to see "he's not that into you or confessions of a shopalholic" I think i'll go with mom to those. Allan would have taken me but the other couple really wanted to see taken so we just went along with the flow. It was a very fun date anyway. I also bought a new red coat from sears. I was astounded with the prices. They are having a big sale on coats. This red coat was 160 bucks starting out and after all the markdowns i got it for 35 dollars. Pretty good deal.

Friday, February 13, 2009

much to my suprise..

Yes, I was totally suprised when i took a little glance into lilly's mouth. She just wont let you in there most of the time. Today i found two more teeth coming in. they are her first molars. I guess ideally they get the top front four and bottom front four then the front molars then the canines then the two year old molars. Well, she has the top front four but only two front bottom ones. And now she is getting those top molars or whatever they are called. LOL. No wonder she has been a little cranky lately and that runny nose makes perfect sense now. HAHA. So i have no idea when her bottom teeth will catch up with her top ones but the top ones are off to a running start.
I have to go check the oven. Mom made a turkey and I'm cooking all the sides. It's smelling wonderful in here. Still no big plans for v-day that i know of. I think we may go out for dinner and a movie. That would be fine with me. I'd love some adult time just me and the hubby. Allan has been home more lately so it's been nice having him. I"m going to book our alabama trip tomorrow i think. YEah.. that will be fun.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

doing better

Well mom is doing better. She went to the doc today and he said saty on the anitbiotics for ten days and he would see her again on friday. What a relief. So lilly went to the babysitters today and did great. They said she played and too a nap and had a good day. What a relief! Allan's job is doing good still. I went to my new clincal rotation and it went smoothly. I love the teacher out there so it's going much better. I don't really love the place i am at. I'm at a nursing home now and that work just isn't something i want to do. I'm lgad there are good hearted people and i understand that they can make such a difference in those people's lives but i get frustrated when i see things that i don't think are up to standard or if i think that there is neglect so i really don't like the nursing home setting. However, those little old people are so happy to see us nursing students. I think it's the only time some of them get good care or at least it's the only time they really get listened to. So the next five weeks will be challenging but i can do anything for 5 weeks. That's nothing. I"m just going to pray that I make a difference in their lives and if nothing else that i'm at least a comforting face to them while i'm there. I let one lady lead me on a wild goose chace looking for her room today. lol.. I knew her room was in the opposite direction but it was important that i saw how well she could get around so i just let her walk on her walker and we talked while we looked for her room. She got around really well and she enjoyed the company. Very pleasant patient. Next week i will be with restorative care. They take patients and do range of motion exercises with them. Should prove interesting.
I'm off to bed though cause i have class tomorrow in the classroom so i have to get some sleep. Thanks for any and all prayers for my mama. She is doing much better today.

Monday, February 9, 2009

prayer request.

Please keep my mom in your prayers. She got bit by something they think maybe a spider or who knows. Anyway yesterday i had to take her to instant care and they started her on some very strong antibiotics and marked the big swollen spot on her leg. They said if it grew anymore then she needed to go to the hospital. It grew about half an inch before she got her first dose of the antibiotics. It hasn't grown since then but she has another doctor apt today at 345pm. I'm hoping she just needs to stay on these antibiotics for a week or so and everything will be fine. It sure was running thru her system though. She had a fever of a 101.4 yesterday and i think it has almost gone away today and she is looking a little healthier but it has made today hard. Plus it's snowing a ton right now. YUCK! So i had a test this morning and allan had to stay home with lilly while i went to class. I made a 100 though! yeah for that! I"m suppose to take the truck in to get steps put on the side today at noon. I have to take lilly with me but they said it only takes an hour thank goodness. I have to go to the store today too for a baby gate. Lilly has to go to the sitter for the first time tomorrow. She has had very few experiences with babysitters. I"m scared cause it's suppose to be for 10 hours. It's my good friend lynn and she has kids and watches one other little boy that is lilly's age so she should have people to play with. However, lynn has steps goign up and down in her house and only one baby gate so i thought i would bring over one more cause of lilly wanting to climb everything rightt now. It's crazy! So we have quite the busy day today. So keep little lilly in your prayers too. She jsut has to be a big girl tomorrow but i'm really nervous about it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

All these baby's..

Wish i had something intersesting to write about a pregnancy but i don't.. lol. I just got done reading mi's blog then liz's blog and all i can say is " oh the joy's of being pregnant.." don't miss it a bit. lol.
Today wasn't that spunky at our house. We did however buy a new stove finally. I love it. It's a flat top one and it's great. Allan put it in for me today and tinkered in the basement for a while. We all had a wonderful lunch from KFC. Yummy. Lilly was covered in beans from head to toes. She just loves beans. So she went straight to the tub. She is learnign how to move around so much better. She was going nuts in the tub when liz called and said she was going to go to the hospital and asked if i'd come watch the kidos. So We threw some clothes on lilly and ran over. Lilly had a blast playing at her cousins house. I'd say playing with her cousins but she was really just more interested in all their fun new toys. lol. Like i said she is learning how to move. Well she must of got a quick lesson from jake while i wasn't looking cause the next thing i know she is climbing up on their picnic table and standing up so excited that she could climb. Every time i wasn't looking I'd find her on top of the table or trying to climb up on a chair or once she even tried to stand up in the back of jake's dump truck. Silly girl. I swatted her three times at least for climbing on the table and nothing was working. I have my hands full with this little girl right now. She did have fun palling around with jake though. maddie was being the big girl the whole time. She painted lots of sheets for me while i chased the other two around. Anyway It's after ten and i'm pooped so off to bed i go. Please keep these pregnant ladies in your prayers the next few weeks. They are getting to the tough last stage of it. It will all be worth it in a few weeks but the last few before you see that tiny face can sure be hard.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well today was productive.

I ad class from 8 till 10am and then i came home did two online tests and played with lilly. I met allan for lunch and we talked about vacation plans yet again for this summer. We both really need a break.. Anyway he said that he would rather go to alabama and see his family down there than go to his 10 year reunion. His cousin is getting married so that seemed like the perfect time to go visit since everyone will be around for the wedding. So i spent the next part of the day finding out if emma could go with us and looking at flights and package deals. So i think we are a go for that now. We will be traveling with two kido's but it looks like it's going to happen in july. I'll post for sure when we buy our tickets.
Sandy came over today and played with lilly for a little bit. I was so proud of how lilly just went right to her this time. IN the past lilly would never really go to any of allan's family. I guess just cause she didn't get to see them enough or maybe she was just to little and visits were few and far between.. i don't know. Anyway, lately she has been getting to see all of them more often and today lilly was crawling all over sandy. It was really cute. Lilly fell asleep rocking on her horse and i wish i had of videotaped that. lol.. she was rocking and had been sticking her tongue out at sandy a bunch and so she finally started closing her eyes and leaning to one side like she might fall off the horse.. she was sleeping then she would jump awake and start sticking out her tongue then fall back asleep. KIds are hilarious when and where and how they fall asleep just amazes me sometimes.
So anyway i made spaghetti for dinner. NOthing fancy but it fed everyone and i sent a big bowl of it over to liz's house to keep them in food too right now. maddie and jake are really cute over there running around in there pj's. Then i went to the grocery store and i finally settled in a watched lost on the couch with allan. So it's definetly bedtime now. Goodnight! oh the pictures at the top are the ones of lilly in her papsan chair.. (strainer)