Tuesday, February 10, 2009

doing better

Well mom is doing better. She went to the doc today and he said saty on the anitbiotics for ten days and he would see her again on friday. What a relief. So lilly went to the babysitters today and did great. They said she played and too a nap and had a good day. What a relief! Allan's job is doing good still. I went to my new clincal rotation and it went smoothly. I love the teacher out there so it's going much better. I don't really love the place i am at. I'm at a nursing home now and that work just isn't something i want to do. I'm lgad there are good hearted people and i understand that they can make such a difference in those people's lives but i get frustrated when i see things that i don't think are up to standard or if i think that there is neglect so i really don't like the nursing home setting. However, those little old people are so happy to see us nursing students. I think it's the only time some of them get good care or at least it's the only time they really get listened to. So the next five weeks will be challenging but i can do anything for 5 weeks. That's nothing. I"m just going to pray that I make a difference in their lives and if nothing else that i'm at least a comforting face to them while i'm there. I let one lady lead me on a wild goose chace looking for her room today. lol.. I knew her room was in the opposite direction but it was important that i saw how well she could get around so i just let her walk on her walker and we talked while we looked for her room. She got around really well and she enjoyed the company. Very pleasant patient. Next week i will be with restorative care. They take patients and do range of motion exercises with them. Should prove interesting.
I'm off to bed though cause i have class tomorrow in the classroom so i have to get some sleep. Thanks for any and all prayers for my mama. She is doing much better today.

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