Friday, February 13, 2009

much to my suprise..

Yes, I was totally suprised when i took a little glance into lilly's mouth. She just wont let you in there most of the time. Today i found two more teeth coming in. they are her first molars. I guess ideally they get the top front four and bottom front four then the front molars then the canines then the two year old molars. Well, she has the top front four but only two front bottom ones. And now she is getting those top molars or whatever they are called. LOL. No wonder she has been a little cranky lately and that runny nose makes perfect sense now. HAHA. So i have no idea when her bottom teeth will catch up with her top ones but the top ones are off to a running start.
I have to go check the oven. Mom made a turkey and I'm cooking all the sides. It's smelling wonderful in here. Still no big plans for v-day that i know of. I think we may go out for dinner and a movie. That would be fine with me. I'd love some adult time just me and the hubby. Allan has been home more lately so it's been nice having him. I"m going to book our alabama trip tomorrow i think. YEah.. that will be fun.

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